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Malaysia Expands Natural Gas Fueling Infrastructure

Bernama.  Petronas Malaysia NGV Sdn Bhd will increase the number of fueling stations selling natural gas  to widen its usage and as an alternative to diesel, according to its executive director, Ismail Ahmad.

The company plans to build at least 100 special service stations selling natural gas throughout the country and work with gasoline stations to have at least one natural gas pump on their premises. Currently there are 39 natural gas stations on the Malaysian peninsula.

The initial target is vehicles in public transportation:  taxis, buses and trucks.

The new stations will offer:

  • New natural gas pumps that will fill vehicles within two minutes rather than the current 30 minutes
  • Workshops to repair natural gas equipment
  • Showrooms displaying converted natural gas cars

Currently, natural gas is selling for RM 0.58 per liter ($0.58/gallon) compared with gasoline at RM 1.42  per liter ($1.42/gallon) and diesel at RM 0.88 per liter ($0.87/gallon).



hi im a student, may i ask if malaysia CNG sources are imported or does malaysia have its own reserves and gas fields?

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