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New Heavy-Duty Engine Manufacturer to Build Hydrogen-CNG Engines


Collier Technologies Inc. (CTI) has formed a new US OEM heavy-duty engine manufacturer, City Engines Inc., to develop and to market hydrogen/natural gas (HCNG) engines.

The new OEM has distribution agreements with Daewoo Heavy Industries (DHI) for their heavy-duty gas engines. City Engines initially will offer a base DHI 11-liter engine, outfitted with CTI-designed cylinder heads.

The HCNG 11 uses a 30% hydrogen–70% natural gas blend, and produces produces 282 hp and 866 lb ft of torque. City Engines hopes to implement an improved turbocharger that would boost output to 300 hp and torque to 900 lb ft.

The hydrogen-CNG blend offers better fuel economy and reduced maintenance than CNG alone.

Emissions certifications will be conducted over the next six to 12 months using 100% CNG fuels to meet the existing 2004 CARB Standard as well as with the 30% HCNG blend to meet the upcoming 2007 Standard.


Preliminary testing (chart at right) done by a DOE-sponsored project on HCNG development using a 20% hydrogen-CNG blend demonstrated lower emissions, including a 50% reduction in NOx, than similar engines fueled with CNG alone with no significant change in fuel efficiency.

City Engines will be in direct competition with established manufacturers such as Cummins Westport. HCNG is stimulating interest based on (a) its potential for further emissions reduction than CNG and (b) as a bridge technology to full hydrogen.

In addition to the work sponsored by DOE on HCNG, China is aggressively exploring the fuel’s potential as well.



Mikhail Capone

Typo alert: "City Engines hopes to implement an improved turbocharger that would boost output ***to*** 30 hp and torque to 900 lb ft."

It either should be "by" or "to 312 hp".


Corrected. 300 hp. Thanks.

malintha perera

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Miguel Sanchez

I like to convert a commins diesel engine to CNG please sen me some informatoin .
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