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Peak Notes


It’s a busy time with respect to the discussion of Peak Oil.

Maryland Congressman Roscoe Bartlett goes back before Congress tonight (27 April) in his third Special Order presentation to the body on Peak Oil.

Depletion Scotland, an organization that works closely with the Oil Depletion Analysis Center (ODAC), just held a one-day conference on Peak Oil featuring Colin Campbell, founder of ASPO; Matthew Simmons, chairman of Simmons & Co; Brian Wilson, former UK Energy Minister and others.

These are some of original and loudest energy industry voices (Campbell a geologist, Simmons an investment banker) warning of the imminence of peak production. Simmons again hit on his theme of the need for transparency in reserve numbers, and of the possibility that Saudi production is close to—if not already past—the point of peak production.

As a counterpoint, Saudi Aramco a few days earlier at a meeting in Paris had outlined large projects recently completed or under way in Saudi Arabia representing production capacity of 3 million bpd of crude oil. (O&GJ)

Saudi Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Ali I. al-Naimie estimated his country’s proved, probable, and possible reserves at 361 billion barrels, with additional undiscovered resource potential of at least 200 billion barrels of oil in place—80+ years worth at current production rates.

Simmons’ new book, Twilight in the Desert, which analyzes Saudi production and reserves, is due out in May.

In addition to the work done by the associations and organizations focused on peak oil, there are (at least) two valuable news and analysis resources.

The first is Energy Bulletin, a news portal. The second is The Oil Drum, a new blog co-written by two professors, one in energy production, the other in the social sciences.


The Oil Drum (Heading Out)

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