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PTT Leads Diesel-to-CNG Conversion Projects in Thailand

Bangkok Post. Thailand’s state-owned PTT (earlier post) has initiated two pilot projects to convert and to replace heavy-duty diesels with CNG.

In the first project, eight local transportation service providers will have 10 of their buses and trailers modified to burn CNG. Three international companies—Omnitek from the US and Advanced Fuel Technology and Green Gas Technologies from Australia—will handle the retrofits.

The three will bear the costs of the modification and those of the equipment and engineering service. PTT will provide gas cylinders and financial support for the testing of the vehicles.

The second project will replace a truck diesel engine with a new CNG engine from Samsung. After three months of testing, the company will replace from 20–40 more.

PTT president Prasert Bunsumpun said if the pilot projects were successful, about 500 trucks and buses were expected to be modified this year. This translated into savings of 20 million liters per year.

Presently, Thailand has 4,750 natural gas vehicles and 29 natural gas service stations owned by PTT. PTT plans to increase the number to 60 stations by the end of next year and 120 stations in 2008.


Sayan N.

Why CNG? It's high pressure cylinders and may injured to the people when crash on the road, and 1)How can we refill CNG at Chaig Mai or Udornthani? 2)How can we hit 800 Km. in on shot re-filling? 3)When Thailand start to use LNG for vehicles? Best Regards

Raymond Loo

How much is the conversion cost per truck?
How many KM the truck running per day?
How much money can save per truck?
How Long to recover the investment 3,6,9 or 18 months?


Would like to have information of the US and ustralien companies who are doing thi sprojects.( converting diesel engines to cng)

Engr.Robiul Islam

I want to Information of conversion of Diesel engine to CNG.If you help me in this purpose,then pleasure to you.

U Khin Aung

I am attending MSc (Offshore Engg) and worked as Petroleum Engineer and Service Engineer for Cooper Compression about 20 years.
Some CNG projects are aslo doing in Myanmar and involved as supplier of compressor station and dispensor equioment.
Now would like to know the your above mentioned question and CNG and LPG trend and so on.
Kindly let us know what ever you have Technical information of this CNG/LPG.
Appreciate very much for your kind.


Khin Aung
Pteroleum & Marine Engg (Mech)

Abhay Ganla

Some of the information I could readily share with you guys.

To covert Diesel to CNG Engine, following retrofit is required.

Spark plug in place of Injector and modify cylinder head to accomodate 12 mm spark plug.

Replace high pressure fuel line with High Tension Co-axial cables.

Repalce fuel pump with Spark Distributor with drive from Fuel pump drive gear.

High tension ignition coil to be connected betweeen the spark distributor and 12 volt battery.

Replace fuel filter with gas filter.

Add on carburetor on intake manifold and connect low pressure gas line to the gas carburetor of Impco make.

Use a butterfly valve to control fule air mixture going into the cylinders.

Use a two stage pressure regulation on CNG cylinders, the first one regulates to 1 bar from 100 bar and the second stage it controls to 150 mm water column.

1 Kg of CNG equivalent of 1 liter diesel.

Normally 12 to 15 CNG cylinders are mounted on a truck or city bus.

Answers to some of the questions:

One conversion kit normally costs ( additional)about 30 to 40 % of base engine cost.

One truck can operate around 300 Km per fill.

With use of high cost composite material CNG cylinders , this could be doubled.

Cost of CNG is around 50 to 60 % of cost of Diesel.

Payback period of CNG conversion is less than a year.

CNG cylinders are safer than gasoline or LPG.

CNG being ligher than air, even if leaked, goes up and unlike LPG does not Spread on ground surface.

CNG is still in gaseous form and safer than liquid fuels.

CNG burns only at a specifc air fuel ratio. It needs strong and high density current/energy to ignite lean mixtures.

Literally zero particulates with CNG, NOx and CO balance is sensitive to air fuel ratio.

Very less /marginal HC in emissions.

Need three way oxy cat for knocking down NOx and CO using a O2 sensor.

I thought I must share what ever little I know about CNG.

Nursamsi K.P.

So impressing and Thanks.

Mr. Abhay Ganla has so kind to share his pratical sense.
But there might be a bad experience happen, e.g. over heating. How to solve it, if any ??

Any experience happen in India or Thailand in retrofiting 4 cyl diesel E/G to CNG for ISUZU-4BD1 series or MITSUBISHI-4D3 series ??

Wish to know company whose has interest to supply the required parts for mentioned engine model ...

Welcome for any business proposal.



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2. Petrol start gas run:
Gas mode of operation is more economic and this could be selected by keeping the switch in gas side. We can find the following indications:

A) As soon we put the ignition key, the petrol indicator will glow and the gas indicator starts blinking. The reason for this, the engine is still in petrol mode for safety aspects and the blinking indicates that you have not yet cranked the engine. As per standard the gas valves must be closed if the engine is not running.
B) Once you crank the engine, the gas led will start glowing and the petrol led will be off. Now the car starts running in Gas. The 5 level led will indicate gas level.
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S.M. Amin

My question concerns the comparison between energy released by Diesel compared to CNG (for the same eamount of stoichometric air)?

I mean that if we substitue CNG with Diesel for the same condition , are we losing or gaining energy release by burning the fuel?

thanks for the information


Please give me the detail information about hte conversion of Diesel Engine to CNG it cost efficacy etc in Pakisan. Urgently. Thanks
with regards

Niraj Shah

I am instrument engineer. i would like to be in the GAS Kit field for current market. I want to be in technical side.

Please send me details of Kits and Development can be done for R&D.

Awaiting Positive Reply.

Syed Karrar Hussain

i am a student of mechanical engineering and have started a final year project on "conversion of diesel engine to cng". i will really thankful if anybody like to help me in this project.plz do let me know which engine should i chose and how should i start.

Chintan D. Shah

We are developing a biogas engine from a 10Hp 1500rpm Diesel Engine. We have tried CA 100 Impco carburetor with 197cfm air flow capacity against our engine air flow requirement of 102cfm. But the engine is giving starting problems.Our gas pressure coming from the biogas plant is around 80mm of Water above atmospheric pressure.The same carburetor has worked well for CNG engines.
What do you recommend .Will this carburetor Work for us.
What should be the minimum inlet pressure for the air valve to open.

Please reply Urgently.
Waiting for your positive response.
Chintan D. Shah

Chanote Chavanich

This is the Interim Evaluation Results for New York City Transit Hybrid and CNG Transit Buses which is done by a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy and Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. There have done a very interesting study between CNG Buses and Diesel-Electric Hybrid Buese
Read them at http://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy06osti/38843.pdf

I hope this answer some of the questions posted here.

pratik dubey

Can any one tell me that "1 Kg of LPG is eaqual to how many liters of LPG"


1 kg LPG = ~1.9 liters LPG

Robert H. Suga

Re NGV promotion
Please reply following questions.
1) Is there any NGV refill station in Lamphun or Chiangmai area?
2) I have a Chevrolet Optra Estate. According the editor of Motoring edition, Bangkokpost, the gas container could be installed under the overhang behind the rear bumper, if it was apart from more than 100mm from the exhaust pipe and had ground clearance more than 200mm. But, it still needs confirmation from Land Transportation Department, 02-272-3631. Please refer detail exchange on this issue on Letter section, Motoring edition, Bangkokpost, June 23.Is this way of installation possible?
3) Is there any of your branch or authorized agent in Lamphun or Chiangmai area where I can personally visit to discuss about NGV and its promotion?
Tank you and remain,

Robert H. Suga

chakshu behl

hi i m working on a project to convert diesel ingines into cng. can anybody suggest me the idea to convert a two stroke diesel engine to cng mode.


Can any body help me telling what is the relation between CNG cylinder water capacity and actual CNG filling possible
How much CNG can be filled at 200 bar pressure in a cylinder having 70 ltr water capacity
What is the dencity of CNG?



I am currently live in Canada and wonder is there any licenced or patented conversion kit to convert diesel engine to CNG?

Is there any danger for passengers in converted cars?

Mainly I am about to make some search for trading these conversion kits, I am open to proposals..

Thanks & regards

Mr. George Han

SinoCleansky Company Profile

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ponam pal

I am poonam pal,working on a project title-"Biogas an alternative fuel for diesel engine".Till now we performed testing on diesel engine by using diesel & biogas.we tried to run the diesel engine on 20% diesel & 80% biogas, but not getting satisfactory results.we want to run the diesel engine on 100% biogas. so please help us.
we are three in a group working on this project. we are final year mechanical engineering students. As in final year we have to do a project, so we selected this topic. so please help us to do the project successfully & sugest us the right direction.
Thanking you!
poonam pal
COE Kpg,
pune university

poonam pal

I am working on a project title-"Biogas an alternative fuel for diesel engine".Till now we performed testing on diesel engine by using diesel & biogas.we tried to run the diesel engine on 20% diesel & 80% biogas, but not getting satisfactory results.we want to run the diesel engine on 100% biogas. so please help us.
we are three in a group working on this project. we are final year mechanical engineering students. As in final year we have to do a project, so we selected this topic. so please help us to do the project successfully & sugest us the right direction.

Poonam Pal
(8th semester)
SRES College Of Engineering
Dist- Ahmednagar
(E-mail [email protected])
Contact no-09850572194

Manoj Dhulashia

dear sir
i would like to know unit convert as under kindly guide me about the same.

1. how many kg lpg gas for 1 liter lpg gas (auto gas & domestic use.

if there is such unit converters available lem me send through my email as above


Hi, I am a final year student doing a diesel engine to biogas convertion as my final year project. As I am 1 person working on this project, I would greatly appreciate any information about this conversion. Thanks.

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