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Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies has announced the delivery of two new diesel-electric hybrid vehicles to the US Army, one a series hybrid, the other a parallel hybrid. The company made the announcement at the SAE World Congress in Detroit.

The new Quantum MP Hybrid is a dual-use platform—it can be configured for military or commercial operation.

The four-wheel drive military variant includes a series hybrid diesel-electric powertrain, a removable 5 kW Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), and two 10 hp (7.5 kW) electric motors. Front and rear drivetrains are completely independent, and managed through an on-board vehicle control system.

The civilian variant is also four-wheel drive, includes a parallel hybrid diesel-electric powertrain, one 10 hp electric motor, and on-board 110 volt AC outlets for pulling up to 5 kW power. Quantum designed the modular vehicle to make maintenance as simple and cost-effective as possible. The vehicle offers unencumbered access to the engine, electric motor, drivetrain, suspension and wheel area, similar front and rear suspension and wheel subassemblies, and the use of other common components where possible.

The vehicle can also be configured with hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines or fuel cells.

More details as they come.


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