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Reva Introduces NXG Electric City Car


GoinGreen, a retailer of electric cars in the UK, showcased the new Reva NXG electric concept car in London. GoinGreen has been marketing another Reva EV—the G-Wiz—since May 2004.

Created by the Reva Electric Car Company (RECC) of Bangalore, India, the new NXG made its debut last week at EVS-21 in Monaco.

The two-seater is powered by a 37kW AC induction motor with 220 Nm (162 lb-ft) torque driving the front wheels. Regenerative braking recharges the sodium nickel chloride batteries during operation.

The battery pack has a capacity of 18 kWhr, and a plug-in recharge time of 6 hours.

The NXG has a range of 125 miles (200 km) per charge and a top speed of 75 mph (120 km/h).

The car also features a high-resolution single touch-screen display system featuring all vehicle dashboard functions as well as personal communication tools such as a GPS navigation system, a GPRS modem for internet and email access and an MP3 music player.


John Norris

Petrol is about 40kWh per (UK) gallon. At 15% efficiency that's about 6kWh. So the NGX's 18kWh is about three gallons of gas. Seems about right for 125 mile range.

-- John


Perhaps a silly question, but does it come with a roof? Is it convertible, or just roof-less?


From what I can tell—that’s it. It is a concept, after all. :-) The production G-Wiz comes with a roof.


Electric autos are great, & I'm happy to see prototypes & commercial options, but why are the designers sticking with the Tonka & Dinky-toys themes? They won't really sell until the designs emulate something less like a kid's toy and more like a Spider or MG.

S C Jain

I am interested in buying Reva for use in Mumbai.You think it is feasible?If yes,please let me know how do we go about and some information about your dealer and service facility in Mumbai.
I am planning to be in Bangalore on 22nd April and will be interested in Test drive.

S C Jain

I did put my comments about my interest for buying for use in Mumbai.Did u get it?

Tel 022 28741124


I found another press release that said it would indeed
have a removable roof. They now claim it will go into
production, but don't they all?
I'd bet that the fancy dashboard will get binned. Too pricey.

Alan Jenney

One comment here questions whether the Reva NXG will go into production. Well, you have to note that it's called "Next Generation" for a good reason - REVA already have an electric car in production, the G-Wiz, on sale in the UK plus India and neighbouring countries. I have to agree that I'd rather have a solid roof and a decent heater! The G-Wiz retails for £6,999 and the NXG will be pricier.


I am just interest about pricing of Reva NXG, can you please let me know at the earliest?
What would be the price tag of Reva NXG?

hershal fryd

I am going to buy one. I will charge it up
with my photo voltac sola cell panels!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Ninai Zarach

I would like to buy one asap. Could someone please contact me on 0777 5854055 tks


Hi! i am sriram. First of all i was very happy about the reva car and i am interested in buying it and that i wish to know the exact place of contact to buy the car. If i have any information please pass it on to my email address
[email protected]





please provide the agency name in Hyderabd India, as I came to know that it is launched in Hyd. NXG price please, and by when we can by NXG in Hyderabad.

Rajiv Kumar Singh

dear sir,

i am interested in buying reva nxg car, you pls let me know about the rate of car and give me the name of your delhi dealer and service station, because i am from delhi.
if you dont have any dealer or service station in delhi then pls let me know about ur anther state's dealers name.

rajiv kumar singh
email : [email protected]

sayan ray

Revas are a stupid concept

Divya Sodhani

dear sir,

i am interested in buying reva nxg car, pls let me know about the rate of car and even of the earlier reva model and give me the name of your dealer near Jaipur and service station, because i am from Jaipur.
if you dont have any dealer or service station in JAIPUR then pls let me know about ur other dealers name closest to Jaipur

Divya Sodhani


I am interested if I can convert my quails into an electric efficient.


whats the price of reva car on road

S.M. Attabur Rahman

Hi, Its a good product which saving our green world, less polution and economical. Please send me the detail about this REVA.

1. Exact Speed km/h
2. Exact covering distance(km.) by charging once
3. Service centers (Name of the places in India)
4. Insurance cost + Registration cost
5. Models of REVA
6. Cost about all models of REVA


is there a dealer in Rajastan,, or Ahmedabad
i live in Mount Abu
reply requested

Armin Tirado A.

is here a dealer in Santiago of Chile?
is possible to be a dealer?
Please send me the detail about all models of REVA.
Models of REVA
Cost about all models of REVA

Dr Tanuja

I was completely overjoyed n the most happiest to see the most cutest car i've ever seen in my life...i would like to buy one for SURE......so pls.let me know the details n the cost of the car, as soon as possible.

thanking you in anticipation.


I am now working as a Professor and Head of Electronics Post Graduate Department of Kongu Engineering College, Erode, one of the best Engineering Institution in Tamil Nadu. I am additionally heading Industry Insitute Partnership Cell established in the College Campus,with Grant from Ministry of Education, New Delhi. Industrial Institute Partener Cell is carrying out lot of Consultancy services and Training Programes to Industries in and around Coimbatore.
I intend to purchase the Reva - NXG So as to give an awareness about the car running on reneual energy and pollution free,in the College Campus and Industrial Campuses which I use to often visit for carrying out consultancy services
Kindly send the details about the price and Booking formalities.


hi dear sir

I am from Iran and our company intrested to know alot about reva nxg and would like to know if we could import this car to Iran,please let us know the compny conect information and tel.

best regard

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