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Reva Introduces NXG Electric City Car


GoinGreen, a retailer of electric cars in the UK, showcased the new Reva NXG electric concept car in London. GoinGreen has been marketing another Reva EV—the G-Wiz—since May 2004.

Created by the Reva Electric Car Company (RECC) of Bangalore, India, the new NXG made its debut last week at EVS-21 in Monaco.

The two-seater is powered by a 37kW AC induction motor with 220 Nm (162 lb-ft) torque driving the front wheels. Regenerative braking recharges the sodium nickel chloride batteries during operation.

The battery pack has a capacity of 18 kWhr, and a plug-in recharge time of 6 hours.

The NXG has a range of 125 miles (200 km) per charge and a top speed of 75 mph (120 km/h).

The car also features a high-resolution single touch-screen display system featuring all vehicle dashboard functions as well as personal communication tools such as a GPS navigation system, a GPRS modem for internet and email access and an MP3 music player.



i am intrested in buying the new model reva nxg can u pass me the detail and the place of availablty with price where can i pick my future reva nxg i am waiting with my cross finger to ur reply


Is there any place in Cyprus that selling this car?Please let me know.I really want to buy this car.Pollution must over now! We all need this car in order to breath in a better world


Please tell me the prices of Reva in New Delhi and also if Reva NXG is available in Delhi.

Please also tell me if Reva could have additional battery packs for more travel per charge.

Khalil Assaad

Do you intend to have a dealer in Lebanon and what is your strategy?
how much costs a reva car ?

franco sorrenti

sono interessato a comprare e vendere vostra auto reva nxg speditemi tutto cio che devo fare sapere dogana importazione e vendita in italia ....suggerisco se potete dotarla di un piccolo motore benzina 50cc per ricaricarla quando non ci sono prese di corrente elettriche vicino o pannelli foto voltaici ciao grazie

ankur kapoor

hi reva group,
you all have done a tremendous job by inventing such a nature friendly car, i am longing to have such car prescribing a pride
out in my house, so kindly will you please send me the cost price
of your all reva models.



Am Interested in your above mentioned for sale...Get back to me if is available for sale.....With the Current Condition, Pics and the Asking Price for items. Also the payment will be made out by a Chashier Check i will like to get baCK TO ME.......................THANKS
mr joshua


Am Interested in your above mentioned for sale...Get back to me if is available for sale.....With the Current Condition, Pics and the Asking Price for items. Also the payment will be made out by a Chashier Check i will like to get baCK TO ME.......................THANKS


sir iwant to know car of reva prize.please send me urgently beacause i want to buy this car nearly


I came to know about your car through internet,actually i wish to buy one for my Brother who became handicapped 4 years back,so please furnish me the details please.
thanking you sir,

sathyanarayanan S

I'm a Chartered Accountant from chennai. I want to buy a Reva car. Can you provide me with the list of dealers in B'lore and Chennai with their respective contact numbers.Can you also let me know the price of the car?

sangamesh N.B

I want to buy a reva car.please send me a price list of reva car and its additional spares prices.


sir, i m interested in buying an electric bike,the one which is in market in bangalore these days. but i want to know abt the bike.i want to know where the showroom is& the cost of it.can u please let me know about it.please do the needful. thanking u.


hi everyone i'd like to know the prices for the reva electric cars
.any info would be useful

niranjan kumar

i am niranjan from bangalore. plz forward me the dealers details in bangalore


Please forward me the prize list of all the REVA car models.

Roy Wroth

Visit www.revainda.com for details and appropriate contact information.


i was considering electric car opion when i met Mr.D'Souza of BHEL.He put in a strong comment and personal referance of Mr.Maini.
Will you please send me all the details of price,models delivery , nearest servicing facilities etc. i may even come to bangalore for further discussion. if possible i will buy the car before Mar.06


I am very much interested in buying a Reva, specially after reading about Reva NXG. Would like to know more about Reva NXG, and also the price. I am based in Pune

Lakshmi Lingam

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am quite thrilled about this model. I have been trying to get info on- who is the dealer in Mumbai? When I searched the net I got info on Agra raj enterprises of PUne as a dealer for Maharashtra. But I could not get the address or phone numbers. I would appreciate it, if you could give me the contact details of the Mumbai dealer or if there is'nt one then the PUne dealer's contact details.

Thanking you and awaiting your quick reply.

Dr.Lakshmi Lingam,


i want to know the names of the dealers from where i can buy a new/used reva electric car in DELHI dahiya.navdeep@gmail.com

Ajay Nair

Hello Sir,

I am intrested in buying REVA.

Please send me informtion about the CAR

How can we charge the battries.
What's the backup plan if the battries dies out.
What are the dealers numbers and address in Mumbai.

Waiting for a response.

Naveen Sharma

I am ineterested to buy REVA Car. But problem is there no showroom in delhi. Please tell me how we can get the same.

Also I understand that after two years its require to change to battery. One of the user in delhi have change the battery three times in two years. that's why it is not sucess.

Is it true?.

please giveme reply ASAP.

Yogesh Rk

Hello !
First of all wish you "Happy New Year".I am interested in buying REVA,Could you please tell me the models and the prices along with the subsidy structures.

Thank you in Advance.

sachin kapoor

hi , as every body is writting i have the same old question how much this reva nxg is going to cost i want to buy this car before i get old and i am getting old really soon. i am really proud that this is an Indian car and now India is comming to its much awaited position and that is ahead of every body else. however guys we are still missing in two major issues presentation and marketing. if people dont know where to buy this car from the company wont be able to sell it and neither will it generate the revenue. this car has a great potential in London as it costs 8 pounds to enter center london(congession charge) .It would be a big time hit if this car is launched in UK as EV are exempted from paying congestion charge.

so all above is what i had to say and agian please contact me with the relevant info.



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