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Series Hybrid Electric Shuttle Bus Under Test


UQM Technologies announced that a global Tier One automotive supplier is testing a series hybrid electric shuttle bus converted by Transportation Techniques (TransTeq) and powered by a UQM propulsion system and generator.

The StarTrans airport shuttle bus integrates the UQM system into a Ford E450 chassis.

Preliminary data indicates that the series hybrid electric shuttle bus, which has an all-electric operating range of 10 miles, improves city and highway fuel economy by 200% and by 145% respectively, and accelerates from 0–50 mph at the same rate as the conventional diesel-powered shuttle bus.

TransTeq designs and develop hybrid electric vehicles. TransTeq’s fleet of 36 CNG-fueled series hybrid electric EcoMark buses serves 60,000 passengers daily in downtown Denver, was the first hybrid electric vehicle to complete Federal Transit Administration testing and has been serving passengers since July 1999.

More details on the specifics of the powertrain as I can get them.


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