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US DOT OKs Sales of ZAP Smart Car; Advance Orders Exceed $750M

ZAP has received final approval from the US Department of Transportation for the sale of the ZAP Americanized version of the DaimlerChrysler smart car. (Earlier post) Advance purchase orders for the ZAP Smart Car have climbed to more than $750 million.

The letter from the US DOT acknowledged a certificate of compliance that lifts a Performance Bond, allowing the import and certification of the Smart Car. ZAP recently announced that its Smart Car had received a Letter of Conformity from the US Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency, and the announcement today clears the car for sale in 45 US states.

ZAP is currently in talks with a number of potential partners to fulfill the strong demand for its city car. Delivery of the Smart Cars represented by the current level of purchase orders is conditional upon ZAP’s closing strategic relationships with major automotive manufacturing partners that will enable it to support the full sales pipeline.



They still can't sell the ZAP in states that use the Cal emission standards though, right?

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