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ZAP to Use ABAT Lithium-Ion Polymer Batteries in EVs

ZAP will begin using Advanced Battery Technologies’ (ABAT) Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries in its electric vehicles.

Under the first phase of a new agreement, ABAT will retrofit a range of ZAP electric vehicles with its Lithium Polymer batteries and chargers.

According to ZAP, initial testing shows that the ABAT batteries will increase the run time of ZAP’s three and four-wheel vehicles by three times over Lead-Acid batteries. The threefold increase in energy density of the lithium polymer batteries could enable a similar threefold increase in transportation range for comparable-weight batteries, enabling ZAP’s vehicles to achieve a significantly increased driving range between electric recharges.

ABAT is a relatively new Chinese company developing, manufacturing and distributing rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries.


Sunil P.Agarwal

We are a technical consultancy organisation. we are in the process of initiating dialogues with major automobile manufacturers in India regarding use of Lithium ion polymer batteries based pure electric system in place of gasolene system. In view of this we would like to have some information regarding the cost involved, if gasoline system is replaced with the pure electric system having Lithium ion polymer batteries & battery management system. I request you to kindly furnish the cost of batteries alongwith complete battery management system for Tata Indica size vehicle. if the vehicle has to run for around 350 KMs in one complete charge of batteries with highway speed of 140 KMs/Hr. The specification of Tata indica is available on Tata motors web site.

In order to have a better under standing of Lithium ion polymer batteries you are requested to furnish following information regarding these batteries:

a) Principle of operation
b) Advantages as compared with the conventional lead acid, NiCd and NiMH batteries
c) Cost as compared to conventional batteries.


We are making electric vehivles in Sri Lanka. Need information on batteries.

ramesh chowdary

Dear sir
we are having lithium base zeolite own mine in A.P. we are intrested to do bisiness with your compeny.our metireal is li -7.7% and sio2-68.78% and al2o3- 12.32%
if you req- pl contact me direct +91 9980612229

Derek W. Hudson

What is the carbon cost of bringing these batteries all the way from China to the US (in Zap's case)?


check this out

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