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Asian Palm Oil for Euro Biodiesel


Reuters. Asian palm oil could supply up to 20% of the European Union’s biodiesel needs by 2010, Pascal Cogels, the head of Fediol, the EU’s vegetable oils federation, told Reuters.

The reason is price: palm oil is one of the least expensive vegetable oils.

The winners in that scenario would be Malaysia, which produces 45% of the world’s palm oil and Indonesia (39%).

The EU currently imports about 3.5 million tonnes of refined and crude palm oil every year, chiefly from those two countries.

A 20% share of biodiesel would mean between some 300,000 and 350,000 tonnes of additional palm oil imports, according to Fediol.

Rapeseed oil now makes up between 80%–85% of the EU biodiesel.



I've seen the oil palm plantations in Malaysia, you can drive through them for days. When I was there, the locals were miffed that palm oil had gotten a reputation as an unhealthy food oil. It would be wonderful if those huge mature plantations could be repurposed for transportation. Win-win.

Kwan Kim Kong

Palm oil is a healthy vegetable edible oil. It is a very balance oil containing about 45 % mono-unsaturates; 45 % saturates and 10 % polysaturates.

After olive oil , palm oil is the next among all vegetable oils that has the highest content of mono-unsaturates. The fact that palm oil has about 45 %

Saturates made it a functionally suitable oils to make hardened fats like margarine, baking and frying fats without going through the hardening process by hydrogenation.

Vegetable oils with high poly-unsaturation needs hydrogenation to be hardened for making such fats. Hydrogention produces trans-fatty acids (TFA)which are bad

for health since TFA has proven to be carcinogenic . Fats made from palm oil is free of TFA


Whole Foods thinks palm oil got a bad rap as well.


Do have contacts to people who would build
a palm oil Biodiesel plant in Asia Malaysia, Thailand etc.

for export to Europe?

Axel Ingendoh


There are currently no major commercial factories in South East Asia producing BioDiesel... to my knowledge.

David M Pidcock

I have an interested party who is interested in setting up a biodiesel engine plant in the Far East. Please let me have more information.
Yours sincerely
David M Pidcock

Jerry Phung

Dear Readers of bio-diesel/fuel and interested investors, our proposed 100 k MT plant using crude palm oil as feedstock is in the final stages of construction, we seek interested and genuine partners to come in and be part of our shareholder in view of our existing partner's withdrawal due to their financial predictment and failure. If interested, pls contact our COO, Mr. Kim Phung at , thank you.

siddharth patel


Lee Seng Ann

Mr Ingendoh ,
In Malaysia there is a plant that produce methyl esther for export to Europe currently , the name of the company is Carotech Bhd . You can look up in the web for the details of the company .
I have no link with them , only interested in this subject .
Thank you .

Mr. M.Goodall

We expect to close on our funding to begin building our first new biodiesel refinery in the Houston, Texas area, and are seeking a firm supply of crude palm oil to be delivered to the Port of Houston.

After refining and processing, we will then be able to export/ship our Palm Oil Biodiesel to local or global markets. Interested parties please send information to or call our Houston, Texas offices at 01- 281 - 955 - 7343 for qualification. Please, producers only, no brokers.

Vivienne Cockburn

I am in the process of developing a small Biodiesel manufacturing plant. Could I have any information on the suitability and supplies of palm oil.


pls give me detail about cultivation of jetropha plant
and production of bio diesel.
pls mail me .
thanking u

ur faithfully


Martin Philip

We would like to build the Biodiesel(Palm Oil) Plant or refinery in Malaysia or ASEAN. However, we need some technical support from exisiting refinery company or biodiesel technical company.


Dear supporters, fans and users of biodiesel, we are Thailand's biggest and main palm based biodiesel producer, we can produce up to 9million litres monthly according to EN14214 specs, except that we can never lower the cloud point of the palm based biodiesel, any interested parties can contact us at the given email. We also manufacture biodiesel plant according to clients needs and requirement of the plant... Beside manufacturing new plants, we also modify old vegetable oil refinery and fertilizer plant into Biodiesel production plant..


There is nothing 'green' about palm oil. When the palm oil market expands, as it has, more land is brought into agricultural use. This land is quite dense in biomass and high in biodiversity, until it is clearcut. In otherwords, you are cutting down the rainforest to fuel your cars. Get your governments to design public transit systems and urban areas to make cars unnecessary. That is the only green solution.

Gibson Hutapea

Dear Sir,
I would like to ask your kindness to give me a full adreess of Biodiesel Processing Plant in Houston, Tx. The reasons is that, I may have a 1 week Offshore Technical Confrence in Houston, so we think it would be great if we can see how the biodiesel Processing work. for your information, we are from Indonesia engage in oil & gas services, and presently we are keen to develop a medium size 100,000 ton of biodiesel per annum cpo, cjo, and cco base. Your kind asistance and fruitful cooperation is very much appreciated.


Dear Sir,
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How much refined palm oil did Indonesia export in 2005 in total?
How much to EU, how much to India, how much to China and USA?

James Wong

Dear Martin,

Are you still sourcing for the biodiesel technical partner for your bio diesel plant in Malaysia or Asean? I have a German supplier capable to provide the complete bio diesel plant technology.

Please contact me at

Lee Lee

Dear readers,

My family owns palm oil plantations in Malaysia and have been producing crude and refined palm oil for several decades now. We are interested in supplying crude palm oil or refined palm oil to any interested party, especially for biodiesel production purposes. Please kindly contact me on Thanking you.


For those who want to learn more about palm oil, get a list of palm oil exporters/importers or ask technical palm oil questions, do have a look at has been providing palm oil education, trading and industry information since year 2003. We also have the biggest palm oil B2B company directory with over 4,000 member companies and private individuals.

Bilal Sayed

I have been purchasing palm oil in South Africa to manufacture biodiesel but at low temperatures below 15C, it seems to form a waxy sediment (an emulsion) and this is not good for motor vehicles. When I use another raw material like soy, I don’t get that sediment forming. So what can I use or do that will prevent the sediment from forming whilst using palm oil. I anticipate a quick reply as this is utterly urgent. I would welcome hearing from you.

Giora Graff

Using palm oil under the temprature of 20C is very dificult. It becomes waxy and hardens. It has to be capt worm even when biodiesel is made. Is there any process or solution to this problem?
thanks in advance.

steeve muteedzi

we are looking for cheap oil supply in the uk we will be buying vegtable oi9l in bulk at least 10000 litters on ech day if posible


iam interested in buying a palm oil plant in malaysia

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