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D1 Oils, the UK-based global biodiesel producer, is collaborating with Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation in the Philippines to rehabilitate land previously degraded by mining through the cultivation of jatropha, D1 Oils’ feedstock of choice in the production of biodiesel.

The bioremediation project is using jatropha not only due to its restorative qualities but also because of its use as a biofuel feedstock.

The first stage of the project is a five- to seven-hectare model farm and demonstration facility. The ultimate objective is to plant jatropha on 7,000 hectares of degraded land to produce fuel for power generation for off-grid mining facilities.

We see the mining industry as a key partner for D1 Oils. The need to restore degraded land around mines provides us with a great opportunity to demonstrate the potential of jatropha to rehabilitate land while producing a source of green energy for local communities.

—Philip Wood, CEO D1 Oils

Philippines President Arroyo planted the first seedling at the project site in Toledo, Cebu Province, in a sign of government support for the project. Arroyo also supports D1 Oils’ plans to intercrop jatropha on coconut plantations in the Philippines to help meet the Government’s targets for the use of biofuels.



I only knew of jatropha previously because of these people:

Interesting to see it as a 'feedstock' for biodiesel too.


i'm very interested in planting jathropa...can anyone pls send me info on this? thanks!

Juanilo Ramos

I have a tract of land available for immediate use and utilization in the area of Hectares: One Thousand Four Hundred Hectares located in Central Luzon. We would be available upon confirmation of appointment to present the documents of proof of ownership and actual location of land in the Philippines. We are open for sale, long term lease or joint venture.

Please contact me through my e-mail address at or


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