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Agência Brasil. Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wants his country to become the largest supplier of renewable fuels in the world market. His administration is working to make biodiesel the second largest energy source in Brazil, following hydroelectric power.

Biodiesel production is a way of making Brazil less dependent on oil, a fuel that may eventually come to an end. This is a vital project for insuring more independence for Brazil, as we may become a large biodiesel exporter.

Lula made the remarks during the inaugural ceremony of the first biodiesel plant of the Northern region of Brazil in the state of Pará. The plant has a projected annual output of 8 million liters (2.1 million gallons US).

Last month, Lula opened the country’s first major biodiesel plant, this one in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais(Earlier post.)

Brazil has enacted a law making B2 mandatory by 2008 and B5 by 2013. 

Earlier this year, Lula stated that Petrobras, the state-owned oil company, will provide the logistic support to the national biodiesel program, the better to ensure distribution within Brazil.



Searching for a company or individuals who are interested in investing or joint venture of a bio-diesel processing plant in kenya. Information about setting up a biodiesel plant,the financials as well as the technical and operational will be of great help.


Surbir Singh Panwar

Dear sir,
Our Company Acuity Green Fuels is India based company. Presently we are running a piolet phase plant for Bio diesel and want to launch bio diesel manufacturing industry at commercial phase. Our company is searching for potential and experienced technical consultancy providers in you.

Sir, can your organisation fulfill our thurst for latest technology for bio diesel manufacturing unit.

waiting for your positive responce.

With Regards
SS Panwar

Bobby Atendido


Can you give us basic information in the development of BIODIESEL production. My Name is Bobby Atendido and I have some Land and some partners willing to go to ventures on this type of project.




dear sir
i am from NEPAL . I want to know about the biodiesel production plant. From its seed supply to the production.Would you please help me with the technical and financial(approx.) information about it.
with regards
praqas acharya


we are looking after investments in the biodiesel sector be it procurement of seedsor processing of seeds to refining and marketing .we have offices in five states and can market your products in eastern india and northern india through our branch offices and a team of experienced skilled manpower for the same and other activities like sourcing of raw materials(seeds) as per terms and conditions.


we have procured a large tract of land in India and are looking for prospective experienced partner for getting into our biodiesel project. we are also open for joint venture here in India for the biodiesel project which comprises of processing of seeds to refining them into biofuels.Looking our for detailed plan and partner


I have a BIODIESEL plant for sale, make 70.000 liters per day of Biodiesel and 120.000 liters per day of vegetal oil. The total land area is 346.000.000 m2. Have the capacity to produce the double.

john mohan

i am interested in buying a BIODIESEL plant. Can anyone send me info. and price


dear sir

we are about to set up a plant in india pune we would like to know best of the technology to produce biodiesel equipments
an also intrested in jv for forign collobration for export


Dear Sir,
I want to produce bio-diesel around 50000 litres per month, in this connection I want to know what will be cost of all machineries and how much land is required to perform the job and from where I will get the raw materials in India and want to know what will be cost of bio-diesel/ltr.



Please assist with mass and energy balance of the 4000 tonn/y biodisel plant. Raw Material: Virgin oil, methanol, Sodium hydroxide, phosphoric acid and water.

Thank you,

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