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Agência Brasil. Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wants his country to become the largest supplier of renewable fuels in the world market. His administration is working to make biodiesel the second largest energy source in Brazil, following hydroelectric power.

Biodiesel production is a way of making Brazil less dependent on oil, a fuel that may eventually come to an end. This is a vital project for insuring more independence for Brazil, as we may become a large biodiesel exporter.

Lula made the remarks during the inaugural ceremony of the first biodiesel plant of the Northern region of Brazil in the state of Pará. The plant has a projected annual output of 8 million liters (2.1 million gallons US).

Last month, Lula opened the country’s first major biodiesel plant, this one in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais(Earlier post.)

Brazil has enacted a law making B2 mandatory by 2008 and B5 by 2013. 

Earlier this year, Lula stated that Petrobras, the state-owned oil company, will provide the logistic support to the national biodiesel program, the better to ensure distribution within Brazil.


Abraham Nikhil


I needed information about setting up a biodiesel plant.The financials as well as the technical and operational.It will be a great help.


Javed Hussain


I am from Pakistan and interested to setup a Biodiesel plant in Pakistan. Can any one please guide me about the availability of Biodiesel production Machines, By products etc?

Hope to recieve your quick reply,

Mardan - Pakistan


I am from India ,I want to start Jatropha plantation. Please let me know the details and its advantages and disadvantages


I am a biochemist and i want to start a biodiesel plant of my own. How much does it cost? and let me know the entire cycle of production and marketing



I am based in Singapore and have access to Palm oil which is a very good base for Biodiesel. I would be interested to know if your plants can use palm oil to generate Biodiesel?



Hi There,

I would like to know about the total World Bio-Diesel production in the year 2004 and 2005. Any detail information would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


Barry Gallagher


I am researching a charity drive from ireland to Australia later this year in a Peugeot Partner van that is powered on vegetable oil. I am looking for as many suppliers along the way through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

I would really appreciate any help from fuel to access to 'green mechanics'



Mustufa Ghoghari

I am intrested biodiesel plant from india in gujrat
pls send dtl machinery dtl qute. pls


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Mario Vargas

Dear friends:
I'm working with an agricultural Cooperativa in a farm 1 thousand héctares, planted with african oil palm. We sell the fruit to the United Brand, they give us the price, the amounts, the season,...We'd like to change to the biodiesel production. What would be your advise? How can you help us?-
Ing M.Vargas
Costa Rica.

M Maaz

i am chemical engg from pakistan and wanted to see the mass and energy balances of entire biodiesel plant.plz send the details on my e-mail address


sir, we are an enterprise in india and wish to grow the biodiesel tree which is 100 meter tall. can you lend me some more information about the tree. we dont know the name of the tree but its being there in brazil. please give me more information on it.

Kausar Ali Shah

Our organization has a large variety of prodution business units. We are very much interested in putting up a biodiesel plant in Pakistan. I would be grateful if detailed proposal on complete plant alongwith financial effects are provided to me. Please include Jatropa ( or gatropha) as raw material in addition to vegetable oil.
With thanks and keenly awaiting your response,

Kausar Ali Shah
Group Head - Operations & Technical
AWT Plaza The Mall,Rawalpindi


we are interested in knwing companies who can supply biodiesel plants on turn-key basis. capacity 30,000liters/day

nishant shrivastava

i am an student of finance and would like to get the estimate of the machinary for the production of biodiesel. Could you Please send me some price list of your machinary that you deal in.


hello! i m sending 4rom Botswana i want 2 know the estimates of costs 4 building a small biodiesel plant. I think biodiesel is the way into the future. I will b greatfull if you could send me information i could use to build a small plant that have commercial capabilities.


thats good work keep it up. but alsa\o communicate with me and please give me infor about where to get processing machines for biodiesel. Chemical engineer Kenya.


Iam a chemical engineer Kenya and interested in starting a biodiesel production unit please send me equipment specification for the production of 1000ltr/day biodiesel


i am from Pakistan, if anyone has any project report on Biodiesel mass production. Please can you let me know, it would help me with my research.




We are looking to set up a Biodiesel mass production plant in Pakistan. We require information about the production of Biodiesel from Waste Oil as well as Jatripa plantation and others. Information regarding Production plant setup, financial aspects as well as project reports would be greatly appreciated.



Ali Zafar

I am from pakistan and in my final semester of chemical engineering. I am doing a plant design project on the biodiesel plant. It will be highly information if u provide specifications and equipments used in an existing biodiesel plant anywhere and also the important data.Thank you.

ravi sharma

sir i m from india .. i want to start a bioiesal plant in india .. is it possible to start it alone .. whats the total cost and who should i go for it please mail me .. thank u


Hi there, Iam interested in setting up a palm oil biodiesel plant in Indonesia. I would like to know the true cost, technical details, technology and micro details of setting up such a project.


ralf van velzen


I am a student chemical engineering and I'm writing my final paper about the processing of waste products that come forth with the production of biodiesel, the so called gums.
My question is: How can these gums be processed or are there alternative sollutions?

Ralph van Velzen
GTI West industry bv.


we want to set up a biodiesel plant in kenya and would like advice on the following areas
1.possible raw materials for bio diesel.
2.companies that produce complete equipment for making biodiesel
3.possible cost for the whole bio diesel plant.
4.architectural drawing for the above plant .
5.any other relevant information.

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