An Echo from a Prior Peak
Fuel-Efficient Vitz Tops Japanese Sales

Don’t Crush that RAV4!, the Campaign to Save Electric Cars, whose international protests against the crushing of electric cars by General Motors and Ford made front-page headlines, changed Ford’s policies and saved hundreds of electric cars, today went public with details of a similar campaign directed at Toyota. is trying to convince Toyota to allow leaseholders to purchase their RAV4 EV electric cars, Toyota’s cleanest production model to date. Because Toyota has not responded positively to repeated written requests to discuss this issue, the public campaign commences with the release an advertisement and debut of its website at

Toyota manufactured thousands of RAV4 EVs from 1997-2003 to comply with California’s Zero Emission Mandate. These cars are now heading for the crusher. is asking Toyota to immediately cease destroying RAV4 EVs and offer leaseholders the right to purchase their vehicles; and to restart their electric vehicle program with a goal of selling fully electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles with at least 20 mile all-electric range by 2008.

The push for restarting EV programs and pushing for a plug-in hybrids is an important aspect of this campaign. is a group of RAV4 EV drivers, former EV1, EV+ and Th!nk City lessees, and clean air and energy independence advocates. It is supported by the Electric Auto Association, Rainforest Action Network, Global Exchange, the Angeles Chapter of Sierra Club and Earth Resource Foundation.


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