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GM Cuts Stationary CO2 11% in Three Years

General Motors' North American facilities reduced their overall CO2 emissions by more than 11% over the past 3 years. It is the first partner in the EPA’s “Climate Leaders” program to reach its voluntary goal, two years earlier than planned.

GM’s North American facilities reduced their CO2 emissions by 1.3 million metric tons from 2000 to 2003—an amount equivalent to the annual emissions from the power consumed by 169,000 U.S. households.

The reductions are largely due to numerous efforts in GM to increase energy efficiency. For example, several GM facilities now use natural gas and/or direct landfill gas (i.e., methane) rather than coal to operate boilers, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions. The company also saves energy by shutting down paint shop operations on the weekend and over holidays.

GM also has publicly committed to reducing its global levels of stationary carbon dioxide emissions by eight percent in five years from 2000 levels, the highest  level of commitment from any corporation to date.


Chris Eftychiou

This is great to hear. Considering that GM is one of our nations largest corporations, their lessening CO2 consumption can set a precident of others. However, will GM still be producing gas hog monster SUV's in those EPA friendly factories? That is my concern. We live in a nation of superfluities and nothing can better illustrate this than our "SUV" culture. The media which we all know lives in the back pocket of approximately 10 mega-conglomerates has portrayed those that have HAVING monster SUV's. Escalades, Navigators, Hummers, name it, THEY drive it. By THEY, I am talking about corporate puppets like many "musicians" and actors, let alone the brain-washing advertisements for "soccer moms" who NEED 5,000,000 cubic feet of space for all their groceries, children, soccer balls, and luggage. PLEASE DON"T GET ME WRONG. Reading this article makes me very happy. I hope more companies follow in GM's large footsteps. If we are going to help China achieve CO2 standards by 2008 for the Olympics, shouldn't we set the precident here?


^ Their commitment is an important one, and if they keep generating SUVs at their early 00s rate, they'll find themselves with quite a large stock of unpurchased vehicles.

SUVs are finally trending out, so long as gas exceeds $2 a gallon, anyway. GM will come around; they have no choice. Either adapt, or they'll be releasing 100% fewer CO2 molecules.

David C.

Let's reduce C02 output by using natural gas instead of coal to power our hummer factory. Give me a break GM.


Holy Cow! Good news from GM? What's next?

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