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India Planning Comprehensive National Biodiesel Policy

The Telegraph of Calcutta reports that the Indian government is likely to announce a comprehensive policy for the use of B20 biodiesel (20% biodiesel) in the country by August.

The Planning Commission has already submitted a detailed report to the ministry of rural development, which will now work towards placing the proposals before the cabinet.

Says R. Mandal, adviser, Planning Commission, “The use of bio-diesel blends will result in a savings of Rs 20,000 crore [US$4.6 billion] annually on imports of crude oil. We are planning to produce 13 million tonnes of alternate fuel every year. However, this will require 11 million hectares of land [42,471 square miles—approximately the size of Virginia] and create 11 million jobs.”


Jatropha appears to be the feedstock of choice because of its ability to thrive under a variety of geo-climatic conditions, its low gestation period and its high seed yield.

Around 10 lakh hectares (3,861 square miles—an area 1.5 times the size of Delaware) of land across the country has been identified for Jatropha plantations. (A picture of one early plantations is to the right.)

India currently imports more than 70% of its crude oil.  The government is not only looking to stabilize its energy sources and reduce its outbound payments; it hopes to become a global sourcing hub for both feedstock and processed bio-diesel. The industry is expected to be a US$2-billion revenue earner within the next three years.

“Bio-diesel processing cost in India is almost one-third of that in European countries and the US,” says C. S. Jadhav, director (marketing) of Hyderabad-based Nandan Biomatrix, one of the first companies carrying out extensive research in bio-diesel.



I will be obliged if you can provide the location of one of the early plantations of Jatropha, the photograph of which is provided in the article.

Thanks and regards


The photo is from Tree Oils India, obtained from the website of Satish Lele.


Hopefully this will encourage some GMO development that will bring in even higher yields.


We are the leading promoter of jatropha in India and aiming to cover 1,00,000 hectares under jatropha plantation. For detaled and complete information on jatropha biodiesel kindly visit our website: http://www.jatrophaworld.org
as well our jatropha locations

Dr. Ahmed Baosman

I have long interest in alternate fuel especially biodiesl. I have a privilege to work and developed a sophisticated patented technology based on Microchip process that will cut the huge capital cost of conventional biodiesel system without producing any side product such as glycerol etc. after transesterification and the yield is 100%. A commercial system has been working in the West Kentucky area since last Oct producing more than 10000 gallons per day in a continuous process with a capital cost at least 20 times lesser than conventional biodiesel system. The quality of the biodiesel is superb excellent in BTU value higher than # 2 diesel, reduction in NOX etc. and the cost of the biodiesel is lesser than # diesel.Any body is interested to know further, can reach me at Atlanta Ga or via email. ahmed_baosman@hotmail.com.
Thank you and have a nice day.
Ahmed Baosman

T.Venkateswara Rao

Please suggest some research topics for biodiesel for rural Transportation

T.Venkateswara Rao

Please suggest some research topics of biodiesel for rural Transportation.

T.Venkateswara Rao,
Associate Professor,
Kadapa Dt.



A company run by doctorates is progressing well
in Jatropha derived biodiesel programme.They are in


Dr.Ravi Bhatnagar

Please suggest innovative ideas to work on jatropha Bio diesel production.

vivek maheshwari

Hi sir ,
I wants to produce biodisel , what is the effective cost of it, and what is the minimum investment or land we needed.

Vivek Maheshwari


sir ,
i am a young champ. i know that fosscial fuelis total harm to our envoirment. and much intrested to produce.plz kindly help me all information reading,land,plantation,distatilers,and every thing .

thanks you


I strongly feels that a lot of hype has been created in the market regarding bio-diesel. Especially on Jatropha unrealistic projections hasbeen floated by promotors as well as the Industerialists. But in reality , there is no authantic data or report on yield and productivity of Jatropha in field conditions as monocrop. All State and central research institutes were not proactive in evolving any Varities or hybrids.However considerable amount of research has been done by Directorate of Oil Seed Research Institute(D.O.R) ICAR institutes 6 years research states that The intra Species variability in Jatropha curcas is limited. So it is very difficult to evolve any Variety in Jatropha. What ever plantation is available it is only 2-3 years old. The Seed source is from wild plantations only. There is no suriety of high yield from these seeds also. Companies buy back agreement with farmers for Rs 4.50Rs per kg of dry seed is not viable for farmers to grow the crop. Let we think down to earth before projecting Jatropha is one of the option as alternate fuel in the future.
Finally ,
it is up to us, before taking any major decisions to choose or not to choose Jatropha as Bio- fuel option.

Thank you.

gopal shukla

respected sir
I am a student M.Sc (Forestry) in Uttar Banga krishi viswavidyala Pundibari Cooch Behar W.B.I am today visit yourwebsite so i realy happy beacuse my uncle is very intrested in Jatropha so my request you provide valubale suggesation and inform seed sources and other information. Greatful ful thanks
My Add ; Gopal shukla M.Sc (For)
M.N.Saha Hall Pundibari
cooch behar (West Bengal)736165
PH No ;03582 270756

Nitin Marathe

We are pleased to invite you to visit the 4th Edition of International Agriculture Trade Fair Krishi 2005, India's largest Agriculture Trade Fair from 30 th Nov. to 5th Dec 05 at Nashik, Maharashtra, India. This trade fair will focus on huge potential of Indian Agriculture market which is attracting the attention of the world. In this Trade Fair we are also highlighting Role of Bio Fuel in Rural Development.

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joel sumanth.V

I want full details about biodisel palnts details and where it grow and peariod for seed to take oil each and every thing. I have 20 to 30 villages tirabal people are members in my organization if give infermation i will do my level best

joel sumanth.V

Jatropha Seeds and Jatropha Curcas Seeds

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Jatropha Seeds and Jatropha Curcas Suppilers

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Jatropha curcas (Kattamanakku) is an oil plant. The botanic name Jatropha is derived from Greek, "Jatras" meaning Doctor and "trophe," Nutrition.

It is significant to point out that, the non-edible vegetable oil of Jatropha curcas has the requisite potential of providing a promising and commercially viable alternative to diesel oil since it has desirable physicochemical and performance characteristics comparable to diesel. Cars could be run with Jatropha curcas without requiring much change in design.

Global Flora Biotech
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please suggest some innovative ideas to start a business in biodiesel?


would like to know about sal seed oil extraction method/machinery.somebody help pls.


Hi sir ,
I wants to produce biodisel , what is the effective cost of it, and what is the minimum investment or land we needed.(Send machinery costs and other details)

Krishna Kumar

India will first have to evolve a comprehensive system of usage for 'BIO DIESEL'. Thus far, there is almost zero percentage awareness amongst the consumers of Diesel. The marketing of 'BIO DIESEL' as an alternative or as a combination B20 fuel is now paramount. The demand can be met not only from internal sources but also through imports from countries such as Malaysia which has abundant supply of Bio Diesel made from Palm Oil.


Dear Sir,

I want to know the cost expense for implementing biodiesel industry.Let me know the minimum investment.And tell me as well whether any factory implemented in south india.


Respected Sir,
I like to create a new revolution in India in the field of energy. I wish to develop a biodiesel plant . The only challenging critetia is the capital & how to start an industry. Let me say in 10-20 years we can creat energy independet INDIA!!!!!!!!!
thak you,
B.Tech (Energy &environmental Engg ).


I,Sandip,am from Surat,india,would like to cultivate Jetropha seeds, need info and techinical assitance.

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