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White Energy Hereford LLC, a Texas-based energy company, has announced plans to build a 100-million-gallon-per-year ethanol plant in Hereford, Texas—the first of three such planned for development in the US, and the largest (of two) in the state.

The Hereford plant is scheduled to be operational by the 4Q 2006.

White Energy Hereford is a wholly-owned subsidiary of White Ventures LLC, a $250 million venture capital firm located in Dallas.

Currently, according to the Renewable Fuels Association, there is only one other ethanol plant under construction in Texas—a $40-million, 30-million-gallon per year plant owned by Panhandle Energies of Dumas. Construction began in November, 2004.

Both Dumas and Hereford are in the Texas Panhandle.



What sort of energy will be used to power this ethanol plant, and what sort of energy will be used to power the farming and processing of the feedstock, most likely corn? Will oil based ferytilizer be used?

Ethanol production using wind and solar power...and production of all biofuel from waste..crop, food, and sewage produces fuel that replaces oil consumption. This is the paradigm to strive for.

Tim Burckhard

Great! FYI

and this one:
Aventine Renewable Energy Inc. - Pekin, IL. Producing 100 million gallons per year

are there any other 100 million gallon plants now operating in the US?

Jerimiah Dowdy

Does anyone know of any research being done on cellulosic ethanol in texas?


How many gallons of water does it take to produce one gallon of ethanol? Where will you get the water? Thanks, G.C.

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