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New B100 Fueling Station Opens in University District of Seattle


Laurelhurst Oil is opening two retail B100 biodiesel fuel pumps in the University District of Seattle, Washington. Initial price: $2.96 per gallon.

The company will distribute locally-produced biodiesel from Seattle Biodiesel.

Supporting partners in the project include: Northwest Biodiesel Network, University Volkswagen, Zoka Coffee, Propel Fuels, Saybr Contractors and Seattle Biodiesel.

The opening of the pumps on Saturday, 14 May is to be followed by a day-long biodiesel fair.

The biodiesel fair will include information provided by the Northwest Biodiesel Network, biodiesel compatible cars from University VW, and fresh coffee from Zoka Coffee Roasters.

When’s the last time you saw all that for a new gas station pump?



It's truly significant that an official Volkswagen dealer would actually be a sponsor for B100, because right now only B5 is warranteed by VW in USA. It's amazing how far we've come in the last couple of years!


I have an interesting tidbit that might also be of interest to your readers. According to a saleperson at University VW in Seattle, over 65% of their new car sales are TDI's. He believes that most of those buyers are interested in running some blend of biodiesel. Compared to the national avergae of around 8% of total VW sales are TDIs and that's nothing to sneeze at.


Very interesting!


Can someone please post the address of the event?


Found it myself - FYI:
4550 Union Bay Pl, NE
(Seattle, WA)


Beat me to it. Sorry.

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