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Chosun.com. A new Korean electric carmaker, GEO EV, will begin production of its EV1 mini-car in March 2006.

The EV1 is powered by a lithium-ion/polymer battery and 26-kW electric motor jointly developed by Korean battery companies EaglePitcher Kokam and VK, and the frame is produced by the French small car maker MC.

The large-format Kokam lithium-ion/polymer batteries offer an energy density of 364 Wh/l to 377 Wh/l, and a recharge lifetime of more than 500 cycles at 80% DOD.

GEO EV, which was set up in February, said the 600 kg mini-car can cover 250 kilometers (155 miles) at a speed of 120 km/h (75 mph) after the  battery is fully charged. Charging takes three hours, according to the company.

The car will carry a price of 25 million won (US$25,000).



needs more details of all the eletric battery driven list of vehicles two/three/four wheelers.

Harold Schlemmer

I can not find out how to BUY or import a Electric Car

ing Charles Bellia

We are looking for manufacturers to supply us with electric cars and we noticed your advert for the EV MiniCar.
It would be most appreaciated if you could let us know how we could enter trade relationship with your goodselves and to furnish us with detailed information and prices possible CIF-MALTA.
Looking forward to the pleasure of receiving with interest a favourable reply soon.
Best regards
Charles Bellia

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