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UCS Launches Two Consumer Sites on Hybrids


The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is a nonprofit group seeking practical environmental solutions through the combination of scientific analysis, policy development and citizen advocacy (which is the way things are supposed to work, aren’t they?).

Established in 1969 at MIT, the organization has played major roles in debates on clean vehicles, energy, the environment and security.

UCS has now launched two consumer websites on hybrids.

  • provides consumer and technology information. It’s an excellent resource, explaining technologies and jargon clearly (and with great graphics and animation).

  • is a UCS-provided blogsite for stimulating an informed debate and exchange of useful information about technological, policy, and consumer developments in the hybrid vehicle market. A member of UCS will post a new blog each week, and users may post their responses to the weekly blog in order to create an online dialogue.


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