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Washington Governor Signs Clean Car Act into Law


Washington Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law the state’s new Clean Car Act that adopts California’s motor vehicle standards. (Earlier post)

Eight other states have adopted the California standard and the state of Oregon is in the process of adopting similar standards.

The new standards will apply to Washington vehicles no sooner than the 2009 new-car models. The actual timing will depend on when the Oregon adopts the standards.

Gregoire also signed Senate Bill 5916, which exempts cars and trucks powered by clean alternative fuel from the sales tax starting in 2009. Autos that run on hydrogen, electricity, natural gas, and propane would get the tax break, as well as hybrid cars or trucks that get at least 40 highway miles per gallon.

Other environmental legislation signed by the Governor includes:

  • Senate Bill 5111, which gives tax incentives for manufacturers of solar energy systems.

  • Senate Bill 5101, which offers tax credits to owners of solar and other small, renewable energy systems.

  • House Bill 1895, which allows local governments to do energy conservation measures together with other local governments and the state.


John Norris

anyone else notice the correlation on the map between green and blue states?


I find this bill a bit upsetting. The fact that we make the poor pay extra for their cars that guzzle gas when they can't afford to buy a nice car that is enviromentally safe.

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