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The Telegraph. The state government of West Bengal in India is ordering all commercial vehicles manufactured before 1990 off the roads of the Calcutta (Kolkata) Metropolitan Area unless they convert to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or compressed natural gas (CNG) by the end of the year.

Transport department officials say more than 50,000 vehicles—including some 9,587 taxis, 7,464 buses, 6,784 auto rickshaws, 1,164 minibuses and nearly 30,000 trucks and vans—will have to be taken off the roads after the ban comes into effect.

A recent study by the Calcutta-based Chittaranjan Cancer Research Institute and Calcutta University indicated that close to 50% of the city’s residents suffer from major respiratory disorders. Cases of lung cancer are also increasing throughout the city because of the high level of air pollution.


Avi Mitra

Quite encouraging news but unfortunately the Government of West Bengal has failed miserably to implement its plan. Innumerable vehicles emitting thick black smoke are still plying on the streets of Calcutta The politicians in the city have almost no consideration towards reducing the dangerous level of pollution that has gripped the city. It is only few Environmentalists who are fighting hard to convince the people of Calcutta to stop polluting the environment but with very little success. Illegal commercial vehicles, especially "Bajaj" Auto Rickshaws use adulterated and cheap petrol right in front of the police who stay as mere onlookers. The inaction of the city's people will bring the dark days very soon unless aggressive pollution control measures are taken. Only God can help the city at its present state.


I found a news dated 4 Apr, 2004 0049hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/599175.cms) that Govt and people should work together to make Kolkata Clean and green, but till yet nothing has happened so far. Also, this news regarding ban of pre-1990 vehicle off the road, seems a impossible task for govt. People in kolkata are living in danger with polutted air emmitted mostly from commercial vehicles. Everybody in kolkata will love to have a clean environment, but what has blocking them to do so. Why govt is sleeping over this issue, what the problem? Govt. never think about people and pushing everybody to die. A best example of govt. willingness to convert commercial vehicle to CNG has been congratulated and made air clean to a great extend....Why KOLKATA is behind???????????????

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