Senate Begins Energy Bill Debate; White House Criticizes Cost, Oil Reduction, Renewables
Ford To Begin Pre-Selling the Mariner Hybrid on 11 July

Combining Two CNG/LPG Conversion Companies

Hybrid Fuel Systems, a provider of CNG and LPG conversion system for heavy- and medium-duty diesel engines, intends to acquire DRV Energy, a small-volume manufacturer of bi-fuel and dedicated natural gas and propane turnkey conversion systems for light-duty vehicles.

The result of the acquisition will be a larger company that can offer a full range of systems to convert light-, medium- and heavy-duty engines to compressed natural gas or propane.

DRV offers a fuel filling station technology as well as a set of EPA-certified conversion systems for light-duty natural gas and propane vehicles.  The DRV technology features one of the only port-sequential fuel injection systems certified by the EPA.

Hybrid Fuel Systems’s initial application is a snap-and-play Engine Control Unit (ECU) and injection system to convert medium and heavy-duty diesel engines to operate in a dual-fuel 70% natural gas and 30% diesel mode.

In May, Hybrid Fuel Systems closed a US$6 million deal for the sale of its conversions systems in China.

As in the biofuel producer area, we’ll see more of the roll-up and consolidation of smaller companies in sectors such as conversions and retrofits as the market begins to accelerate.


adi schved

dear mr/mrs.
my name is adi schved and i am the marketing director
of "gaz auto" company, in israel.
we are concerned in your lpg kit.
pleas send me the kits prices.
the transport shuld be come the to port of haifa
adi schved


I'm the exclusive agent of an Italian company for LPG kit. you can contact me in Israel cell. 0545569026

edgar vibal

I would like to know if you have LPG kits for 2stroke and 4stroke engine motorcycles. In our country,Philippines the motorcycles are used as public utility vehicles by attaching a cab to the motorcycle unit.Usually a 300cc bike is used and the old ones are in 2stroke engines and new ones are 4-stroke engines.


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i have just purchased a home with an active natural gas well on the property. 1) where do i go to have my auto converted to natl. gas? 2) where do i go to purchase the means to take that gas ,do what is neededie: scrub it, compress it ,and be able to fuel my converted auto. yes i know i will be required to pay road tax. i need to purchase all the means to take it from the spiquet to the autos fuel system .who do i talk to to get it done?


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