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eCycle Revamps its Prototype Hybrid Motorcycle

eCycle, a developer of brushless motors and generators, announced that it has re-engineered its series-hybrid motorcycle prototype in order to exploit the company’s latest motor advances.

Based on the CMG (Commutated Motor Generator) brushless motor/generator, the hybrid will offer the end user comparable performance at significantly lower voltage than previously possible. The company claims that the CMG is the only brushless motor that can handle 400 amps—translating into more power with fewer batteries and less mass.

The new platform pairs the CMG motor with a single-cylinder, 4-stroke gasoline engine to power the generator. Prototype testing will begin in fall 2005.

(A tip of the hat to Jack Rosebro!)



These folks need to take a look at the 13.5 hp opposed Diesel that I have been talking about.


I would certainly be interested in buying one of these so equipted.


They have been working on this motorcycle since at least 2001, but have not had any news at to when it will be released to the public. Has anyone heard if anything is going to ever come of this idea, or will it just a good idea on a web page?


Jeff, I emailed eCycle a little while back (a month at least) and they said they'd probably be shipping kits that you assemble yourself later in 2006.

I'd suggest you email them too though. The more people they know are interested, the better.

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