Using Biomass for Biodiesel
EPA Introduces More Accurate, In-Use Diesel Testing Program


richard schumacher

Great, one more state looking for ways to subsidize it's agricultural business at public expense.


Well, it's subsidizing its agricultural business at its own state's public expense, which isn't nearly as bad.

Besides, if it helps to reduce the US demand on foreign oil and drives up refueling prices, I'm doubly for it.


Gasoline purchases in any state should be of free choice. I live in Mo. and have recently found my gas mileage has dropped 3 mpg account a large if not all by now stations have put 10% ethanol in all of their pumps. Yes! for those of you that don't know,regular unleaded gas gets appr. three mpg better than premium unleaded w/10% ethanol. At $2.80 to $3.00 per gallon figure the difference in a year and the governor is mandating (YOU) will have to burn 10%ethanol and get 3mpg less.
Thankyou Mr. Governor, but your money must spend different than mine and I think it is unconstitutional for you to tell us what we are going to buy when there are other products available that will save us money.
If you want the farmer to do better, find another way to subsidize the price of the corn, but don't take money out of the pockets of the good citizens of this
What about the car manufacturers Mr. Governor, should they change the mpg rating on their new cars to be sold in Missouri because they certainly will not meet the mileage quoted by the manufacturer with 10% ethanol.
If you wants us to burn it, get the mileage up!
Grant Hendricks

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