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D-I-Y Electric Car Conversions


The Turlock Journal. Michael Parker, an Adult School teacher in Turlock, California, is teaching a class about converting conventional cars to electric vehicles.

Over a 10-day period, students will watch a 1990 Volkswagon Cabriolet be converted to an electric car. Parker wants more people to realize the benefits of driving electric cars.

“They are reliable, fast moving cars that can keep up on the highway,” he said.

“Typically, you can convert for under $10,000,” Parker said. “You can convert for less, but it doesn’t usually work very well.”

Every three to five years, the battery must be replaced, which costs about $1,000. The plug-in to charge the car is about $150, Parker said.

The conversion process takes about 40 hours and for this reason, Parker would like to get local mechanics interested in a possible business opportunity.

Parker currently drives a 1990 Ford Ranger stick shift with 250,000 miles on the engine. He is planning to convert it as soon as he has the finances. He would also like to install a solar roof in the truck to improve the battery life.


Robert Green

For DIY clectric car conversions, there is a community (forum) of users converting vehicles at http://www.diyelectriccar.com/forums/

marcus harris

quick question is there anyone in the state of georgia that does internal combustion to electric motor conversions. if so any information would be greatly appreciated. want to convert to electric but have no idea where to start.

thanks for any and all assistance


I'm working on a do-it-yourself "greening" story for CNBC.com. If anyone is in the NY/NJ/Connecticut area and has turned their pickup truck or big suv into an electric or non-gasoline car, please contact me at brooke.sopelsa@nbcuni.com

Thank you,

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