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New Entry-Level Diesels for Different Segments of the Euro Market

New 40-mpg BMW 520d

New entry-level diesels from Citroën and BMW are arriving for different segments of the European market.

The new BMW 520d represents the new diesel entry-point to its popular mid-size luxury 5-Series; the new Citroën C1 diesel city car, the product of collaboration with Toyota (earlier post), is the new diesel entry-point to the entire product line.

BMW Entry 5-Series Diesels
 525dNew 520d
Power130 kW (177 hp)121 kW (163 hp)
Torque400 Nm (295 lb-ft)340 Nm (251 lb-ft)
BMEP292 psi311 psi
Fuel consumption (comb)6.7 l/100km5.9 l/100km
Fuel economy35.1 mpg US39.9 mpg US
EmissionsEuro 4Euro 4
CO2179 g/km158 g/km
Acceleration (0–100kmh)8.1 sec8.6 sec

The new BMW 520d uses the same 1,995cc diesel as in its 320d, and to good effect. The 520d engine, although 20% smaller in displacement than that of the former entry model (525d), consumes 12% less fuel (and, correspondingly, emits 12% less CO2) with only a 7% drop in power (although a 15% drop in torque).

For all that, though, the 520d—which delivers almost 40 mpg US in a combined cycle—is only half a second (0.5) slower in accelerating from 0–100 kmh than the 525d.

It’s good to see downsizing on the entry-level side of popular brands known for performance, as well as work on the top end.

The 57-mpg Citroën C1

The ultra-economical Citroën C1 was just named Best Budget Car by the UK’s Auto Express magazine in its New Car Awards 2005.

The C1’s 1.4-liter diesel is based on the engine fitted on Citroën’s other superminis: the C2, C3 and C3 Pluriel.

Adapted to the Euro-4 compliant the C1, engine delivers 40 kW (54 hp) of power and 130 Nm (96 lb-ft) of torque. Combined cycle fuel consumption is 4.1 liters/100 km (57.4 mpg US), with just 109 g/km of CO2 emitted.



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