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Turlock EV Conversion Update


Earlier, we noted an upcoming class on electric car conversions (the Commuter Conversion Electric Car Class for Teachers—C2EC2T) being held this summer in Turlock, California.

Herewith, more information on the project and the specifications of the conversion.

Mike Parker, the Turlock Adult School Teacher hosting the class this summer, is working with Abran Quevedo, the auto shop instructor at the San Dieguito Academy High School auto shop, in Encinitas (north of San Diego), California.

It is Quevedo’s 1990 Cabriolet that is being converted (and has already been trailered up from San Diego to Turlock for the class).

For the conversion itself, the duo is using a basic Voltsrabbit conversion kit from Electro Automotive, a company that has been working on electric car conversions since 1979.

The conversion kit is based on an 8" brushed series DC motor from Advanced DC Motors.

Advanced DC Motor @ 120V Input
Time onVoltsAmpsRPMHPKW
5 min.111.03004,65037.00 28.00
1 hr.114.0180620024.00 18.00
Continuous115.0165650021.70 16.30
Peak Horsepower83.00 
Peak Torque @120V and 500A85 lb-ft

The team is using 2 lead-acid battery packs with 8 batteries each (for a total of 16—96 volts) and a Group 45 accessory battery. An additional four batteries may go under the back seat for a total of 20 batteries, which will provide a total of 120 DC volts.

The onboard Russco charger plugs into a normal household 120 volt grounded receptacle on a 15-amp circuit. If the battery pack is completely discharged, it will fully recharge it overnight, gradually tapering to a low current “finish” charge as the batteries come up to full.

A 96-volt Voltsrabbit system provides a top speed of 65 mph and a range of 60–80 miles under good conditions (flat roads, smooth traffic flow, efficient driving style). A 108-volt option includes two extra batteries under the back seat, for a top speed of 75 mph, and an extra 10% in range.

In addition to the Turlock project, Quevedo has towed a 1980 Cabriolet from Gilroy to Encinitas for conversion by his Auto Shop students this fall. Why do this? I’ll let both of them explain.

Because the hand writing is on the wall and gas price is going up and up and I believe it’s NOT coming back down ever. But,what an exciting time to be a part of the auto industry!

With so many rapid changes coming and going daily I feel that it’s time to slow down and take a good look at the electric car conversion idea. There are millions and millions of potential electric car conversions sitting in, and wasting away in, used car part lots and garages and backyards all over the country.

Yes, there are issues. There are battery technology issues, trip range issues, and affordability issues. However, with gas prices going up and up these issues diminish more and more in light of the air quality issue, the smog-related cardiovascular disease issue and the global warming issue.

Is an affordable conversion electric car for the common man and woman a worthwhile goal? I think so, as you know, most of our traveling time in cars involves short distance driving. Conversion is not cheap, but it avoids the escalating gasoline prices and, no smog, no noise, no oil changes, no leaking antifreeze, and no more overheating, just environmentally sustainable short range transportation.

—Abran Quevedo

Can it be true? Can we predict the future by inventing the future? By simply going and doing it? We’ll see.

Abran and I are only a microscopic speck in the Pantheon of good works being done and being dreamed of being done by all of us. We all want to make a difference.

One way to make a difference is to find out what is needed and wanted in the neighborhood. Then go out and you provide what’s needed and wanted. And finally, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

—Mike Parker

For information or registration information for the class ($300 tuition), contact:
[email protected] or call the Turlock Adult School office 209.667.0643.

Information on class content is available from Mike Parker, [email protected], cell phone 209.988.2487.


Lloyd Arnold

Here is a joke I already sent to NPR's Living On Earth and to Cal Cars: Electric cars in California give new meaning to the term rolling blackout.

Abran Quevedo

The C2EC2T workshop will be held this summer in Encinitas California. Mike Parker and Abran Quevedo will team teach. The workshop will be limited to 20 students and a fee of $300 will be charged. To date there are three canadate cars are being considered, they are; a 1990 Ford Ranger, A 1974 VW Thing and a 1980 VW Cabriolet. If you would like a discription of the class and/or an application form or if you wish further information please contact me via e-mail. All for now. AQ

Abran Quevedo

For C2EC2T information and registration contact AQ at [email protected]

Mike Parker

December 22, 2006
From: Mike Parker
1500 East Ave., Apt 4
Turlock, CA 95380
Phone 209-988-2487
e-mail: [email protected]

The results of the summer 2005 C2EC2T Commuter Conversion Electric Car Class in Turlock, California, and the Summer 2006 C2EC2T Conversion Electric Car Class in Encinitas, California are in. Thanks to Abran Quevedo's industriness and vision, and the students' good work, two commuter conversion electric cars now exist.
I will teach a 10 day "Winter 2007 Turlock C2EC2" Commuter Conversion Electric Car Class beginning January 20, 2007. The class will be held on 10 consecutive Saturdays in Turlock, Stanislaus County, Central California. Turlock is about 90 miles East of San Francisco in the middle of the Great San Joaquin Valley. We have lots of SMOG here in Turlock. We also have employment development issues. Commuter Conversion Electric Car Classes can develop Electric Vehicle Conversion mechanics. Mechanics can open conversion shops and use existing stick shift, compact car bodies to make Commuter Conversion Electric Cars. These cars cruise at 65 mph and have a 60 to 100 mile per charge per day range. We will convert a VW Cabrio from ICE gasoline to ZEV electric in the class. Tuition = $300. Contact: [email protected] for registration materials and additional information. Electric Cars and Clean Air. What a Concept! Regards, Mike Parker

joe  vsetula

hi tried to call you your phone isint working call me i live on root rd off yosemate rd remeber 521-4545 or 303-4000 call soon i need your help

Sheila Parke

Do you have another conversion class planned?

Robert Beger

Are you going to have a class that will run 10 consecutive days instead of 10 Sats? We live in St. Louis and are very interested in this class. Or do you know of such a class near this area? Thanks.

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Nuren L Govender

I have been browsing your site & other related sites regarding the class & the E.V. conversion.
I'm in South Africa, & we unfortunatley do not have any resources & this has never been done here.
I would like to get as much information regarding the technology & actually make this a reality in my country.

I would like to attend the course, but I can't do it over the 10 Saturdays, as I run a small IT business that requires most of my attention.

I am quite good mechanically & have worked on motors & various cars before. From basic servicing to turbo installations so I know I can handle it.

However, I need guidance in the motor types & controllers etc, as we don't get them here in S.A.

Your feedback in this matter will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Philip Leone

Please let me know if there is a class/lecture or any information available on converting car to electric in the modesto/turlock area. thanks.

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