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Enova Systems in New Joint Development Program for Hybrid Trucks

Enova Systems has entered into a joint development program with an unnamed North American truck manufacturer.

The project will feature Enova’s post- and pre-transmission 120-kW hybrid drive systems. The first vehicle prototype is due to be completed by late this year.

Enova is optimistic about the market potential.

Enova believes annual market demand for these production drive systems could grow rapidly based on discussions with our customers. The current conventional market for these types of trucks, with this manufacturer alone, exceeds 50,000 vehicles per annum.

—Enova Systems CEO Ed Riddell

The 120-kW hybrid drive is designed for light trucks, delivery vans, and mid-sized buses using electric and series hybrid-electric propulsion. This system can provide 1664 Nm of drive shaft torque when used with the Enova gear-reduction unit and operates on a DC input voltage that can range from 250–425VDC.

In July, Enova Systems listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in conjunction with a placement of 5.35 million common shares, resulting in net proceeds of approximately US$18 million.



It looks like this system leaves a lot of space under the hood and in the trunk. Could it be easily converted to a serial gas- or diesel- electric hybrid to extend the range? Still 155 miles on a single charge seems decent to me. I wonder what kind of charging times they're looking at?


"...and operates on a DC input voltage that can range from 250–250VDC."

That's quite a range! ;-)


D'oh! 250–425. Thanks!

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