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GM Offers Downsized Aveo for Euro Introduction

Aveo heads to Frankfurt for its Euro debut.

GM will debut its new Chevrolet Aveo in Europe at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt (September 15-25, 2005) with a downsized 1.2-liter engine option in addition to a 1.4-liter version.

The Aveo, made by GM Daewoo in Korea, made its debut in China earlier this year featuring 1.4-liter and 1.6-liter engines. The US version of the Aveo offers only a 1.6-liter platform.

The Aveo will hit the European market in spring 2006. In total, it will be sold in more than 120 countries throughout the world.

The 1.2-liter version with a manual transmission consumes 6.8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (34.6 mpg US) in the combined European test cycle, while the 1.4-liter engine bigger unit consumes 7.0 l/100km (33.6 mpg US).

The 1.6-liter Aveo in the US posts 30 mpg US (7.84 l/100km) on the combined EPA cycle.

Aveo Fuel Consumption
 1.2 liter (Euro)1.4 liter (Euro)1.6 liter (US)
Fuel Consumption6.8 l/100km7.0 l/100km 7.8 l/100km
Fuel Economy34.6 mpg US33.6 mpg US30 mpg US



Wait a second--34MPG from a car that small with a 1.2l engine? Who the heck is engineering these drive trains? The current Corolla gets 32/41 (city/highway), and I'd bet it's at least somewhat heavier than the Aveo, and with better performance.


Yup. Don’t have the performance specs on the 1.2 yet...I’m assuming that will come at the show launch. But it doesn’t seem all that stunning...

Mikhail Capone

Yeah, these Daewoo engines seem to be behind the curve on efficiency. My girlfriend bought an Echo Hatchback (not available in US, similar to European/Japanese Yaris/Vitz) and the similar Aveo hatchback, which is only a tiny bit bigger in size, is nowhere near as fuel efficient (and is worse in pretty much all categories except price, which seems to be its main selling point).

Bob Tasa

>Wait a second--34MPG from a car that small with a 1.2l >engine?
I suggest everyone find the GM Blog and start asking this tough questions. No one else is. I started to ask about the EV and where it went and why if Cal cars can make a Prius get over 100mpg why cant GM do this in mass? Why is GM wanting to stay so far behind the curve.



GM needs to suffer serious losses so that it can ditch responsability for it's pensions that it should have been paying into a fund when the workers were employed and the company was making lots of money. Hopefully they won't get away with it, but I suspect the plans are already set in motion.


What GM should do is sell the same car in both Europe and America. I'm sick of being told that I don't want to drive a car with a small engine and awesome gas mileage, and that every other American is exactly like me.

This is anecdotal and I don't have a sales spread in front of me, but it seems I see aveo's everywhere. Econoboxes sell, and if they're well-engineered not only will they sell well, they'll bring in more customers once they start realizing their full earnings potential (or rob a bank, or something), and won't go from Chevy Aveo --> Acura TL A-Spec Type S, but instead Chevy Aveo --> Monte Carlo SS.

Which is why the modifier of "IF" is important. IF Chevy can build a reliable, cheap car, that gets good gas mileage and mops up on emissions, they'll be seen as eco-friendly, which has become a plus now that gas prices are hurting the poor and downtrodden, and customers can use the base model Aveo as a springboard into the rest of the Chevy lineup.

But the Aveo has to not be a piece of junk in order for Chevy to realize these goals.

Volkswagen is advertising their new Jetta on the basis of PZEV alone, at least in California. GM can step up to the plate since they've acquired Daewoo, giving them some know-how of how to handle smaller, lighter, more effecient vehicles. Plus they had the Suzuki swift. They even had a Corolla in the Geo Prizm. There's really no excuse now that Chevy is positioned to compete directly with Hyundai and Toyota for the "small car with awesome mileage" crown.


< them some know-how of how to handle smaller, lighter, more fuel efficient vehicles.>

Fuel efficiency has never been associated with daewoo. Their engines are always very inefficient. The 1000cc martiz/spark (for.ex) produces 66hp and 42mpg which is still good for a small car, but pales in comparison to the toyota Aygo's 68hp/51mpg. Even the suzuki reno/chevy lacetti's 31mpg for a 109hp 1.6L engine is disappointing when a BMW320i with 150hp 2L engine does 32mpg. The Reno has been notorious for having ridilous mileage in the US.

The 1.2L engine in this car is a shame to modern engineering. Honda's jazz does 43mpg for the 1.2L version.

One other thing that puzzles me is why does the US always have the biggest engine choices. There's no 1.4L car onsale in the US anymore, only scion still employ 1.5L engines and from the look of things, Toyota is going to replace those engines with a much larger 2.4L engine for the next versions. They need to provide choices similar to those in europe.


I had an original Daewoo. It got 38 mpg on the same platform. I now have an AVEO (US) and I get about 32 mpg with 1.6 l. GM lowerd the fuel mpg for what reason. Please bring back the old Daewoo.


I agree -- the US 1.6L is way behind the best of the pack in fuel economy. I have an Aveo and could put up with its mediocre performance and handling if it got high 30s or 40 MPG. Instead, I'm at high 20s in mostly highway cruising and gentle suburban driving. If this car was driven enthusiastically at the limit it'd probably be in the teens.

That 2007 model will not keep GM in the game once the Japanese B-class cars hit the US in a few months. Better to spend 14K on a Honda or Toyota, knowing you'll make it up in gas savings and resale value, than to spend 10 or 11K on a bloated, butt-ugly mini-Malibu.

Steve White

I have a 1.0 liter 5 speed hatchback Metro (1995) now and 5 more of them for parts. I get 52mpg, cause I don't drive like I'm in a race,(like most of the USA does).
Yes, The Aveo looks nicer, but I'll take 52mpg over 34mpg every time! Especially given the price of gas right now. It's kinda funny how Chevy kills the most fuel efficient car they have ever made, just before gas prices soar through the roof! Good job guys, You really got your finger right on the market Huh. LOL!!
I can't even guess how many people have tried to buy my Metro from me, since gas prices started climbing.
The Big auto makers bet their butts on the Big SUV market and now they're losing their butts! Serves them right.
Steve White


Aveo in India, Hatch back-what is the product life in India. What is the strategy of GM will they continue the extreemely cute and blonde Aveo U-VA. Can I confidently buy. Or will GM let me down? Please confirm immediately. I Want to decide soon.

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