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INSEQ to Manufacture SunSource Systems for Oil Extraction from Ethanol Process

INSEQ Corporation has signed on to manufacture the systems that will be used by SunSource BioEnergy to extract corn oil for use in biodiesel production from the process used to prepare corn for ethanol production (earlier post).

INSEQ expects that SunSource BioEnergy will need in excess of 30 systems for ethanol producers over the next 24 months at an approximate cost of $1 million per system. SunSource BioEnergy is a partnership consisting of partnership consists of ethanol producers VeraSun Energy, Glacial Lakes Energy, KAAPA Ethanol and Golden Grain Energy; and technology company Ethanol Oil Recovery Systems—the inventor of the extraction process.

By extracting the oil, ethanol producers have the opportunity to increase plant income and improve handling characteristics of distillers dry grains (one of the standard byproducts of the dry mill process).

The process redirects an internal waste stream in dry mill ethanol facilities through a proprietary centrifuge technology that extracts corn oil from the evaporation area of the dry mill plant. The extraction systems are the essential element of the EORS technology.

One additional benefit is that by removing the corn oil from the drying process, the potential emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the DDGS (Dried Distiller’s Grain Solids) dryers will be reduced.

Controlling VOCs from the DDGS dryers and the cost and energy consumption of thermal oxidizers (TO) used as one solution for that are important issues for the ethanol industry. A variety of control solutions are being explored, including the use of Combined Heating and Power (CHP) systems.

Under the terms of INSEQ’s manufacturing agreement with EORS, EORS has granted INSEQ right of first refusal rights relating to the manufacture of the extraction systems and any other manufacturing needs relating to the extraction systems.

EORS and INSEQ are respectively 15% and 70% owned by GreenShift Corporation.




Biodiesel AND ethanol from the same investment in energy by the farmer.

Rick Tolman

There is a public transcript of the great ethanol debate. It was carried on CSPANII and they have rebroadcast it several times. A video transcript can be purchased from CSPAN. The audio can be downloaded from our website as well as copies of the presentations.

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