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Boston Herald. Attracted by the lower cost of fuel and reduced emissions, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation is accelerating its transition to compressed natural gas vehicles.

By Nov. 1, nearly half the vehicles operated by the Executive Office of Transportation—which includes MassHighway and the Registry of Motor Vehicles—will run on compressed natural gas.

In preparation for the winter, the office is buying 70 new CNG pickup truck plows that will be used in place of the department’s current fleet.

The addition of the new trucks will give the Executive Office of Transportation a total of 285 CNG vehicles, the largest such fleet in New England. The office has also ditched a fleet of Ford Tauruses used by administrative employees in favor of hybrid Hondas.


Adrian Akau

It appears that Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation is looking ahead and realizes that a transition to compressed natural gas and hybrid vehicles will be the way to keep fuel costs lower and vehicles running in the future. Excellent decision!!!

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