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President of India Calls for Energy Independence; Heavy Emphasis on Biofuels

The growing transportation sector uses the bulk of oil in India.

In a speech to the nation on the even of India’s 59th Independence Day, Indian President A.P.J Abdul Kalam called for energy independence by 2030 to be the country’s “first and highest priority.”

President Kalam outlined a three-part plan to achieving this goal: (1) increasing efficiency and conservation; (2) securing access to all current sources of energy including coal, oil and gas supplies worldwide until the end of fossil fuel era and (3) using and developing new technologies to provide a diverse supply of reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy.

Energy is the lifeline of modern societies. But today, India has 17% of the world’s population, and just 0.8% of the world’s known oil and natural gas resources. We might expand the use of our coal reserves for some time and that too at a cost and with environmental challenges. The climate of the globe as a whole is changing. Our water resources are also diminishing at a faster rate. As it is said, energy and water demand will soon surely be a defining characteristic of our people’s life in the 21st Century.

Transportation is the fastest growing energy consumer in India, now consuming nearly 112 million tonnes of oil (approximately 821 million barrels) annually. critically important our nation’s economy and security. The complete substitution of oil imports for the Transportation Sectors is the biggest and toughest challenge for India.

The transportation strategy as outlined will rely heavily on jatropha-based biodiesel.

Intensive research is needed to burn bio-fuel in internal combustion engines with high efficiency, and this needs to be a urgent R&D programme. India has a potential to produce nearly 60 million tonnes of bio-fuel annually, thus making a significant and important contribution to the goal of Energy Independence.

The other key areas of focus are electric vehicles; hydrogen vehicles (fuel cell and combustion engines); the electrification of railways and urban mass transit.

We need to evolve a comprehensive renewable energy policy for energy independence within a year. This should address all issues relating to generation of energy through wind, solar, geothermal, bio-mass and ocean. The nation should also work towards establishment of thorium based reactors. Research and technology development of Thorium based reactors is one of the immediate requirements for realizing self-reliance in nuclear power generation and long term energy security for the nation.

We should operationalize a 500 MW capacity power plant using integrated gasification and combined cycle route [IGCC] within the next three years from the existing pilot plant stage.

Bio-fuel research should be extended in collaboration with R&D Laboratories, academic institutions and automobile industry to make it a “full fledged fuel” for the fleet running in the country in a time bound manner. This should lead to a mission mode integrated programme encompassing various ministries and industries. Also there is a need to formulate a comprehensive Bio-Fuel policy from research, development, production to marketing.




Every President should be a Rocket Scientist.


India barely has enough land and water to feed its population. How are they going to produce enough plants to turn into bio-fuel?


Hehe they arnt. hey simply are gona make SOME fuel to help make up some of the gap. The rest will have to come from somewhere else.


Obviously you can't read the full text. Here is a quote

"We have nearly 60 million hectares of wasteland, of which 30 million hectares are available for energy plantations like "Jatropha". Once grown, the crop has a life of 50 years. Each acre will produce about 2 tonnes of bio-diesel at about Rs. 20 per litre. Biodiesel is carbon neutral and many valuable by-products flow from this agro-industry."

and you did
not get the memo that says India is net exporter of food grains.
You sound like a slashdot troll, fuklsjdfkajsdfkjasdfjalsdjf.


Funny. What's a "slashdot troll"?


when there is story about India in, trolls come out with standard arguments
that India can't even feed its own people how can they afford
to do "fill in the blank" (Go to space, build satellites, etc).
Basically white people who believe in their own hype and are having hard
time reconciling with reality also known as White Man's Burden.


People in the know are saying that,if every AG Acre planted to produce Biofuel in the US,and there was no other source of Fuel,at the present Rate of Consumption,it would only provide about 5(five)Percent of the Fuel needed.
If that is anywhere near accurate,there is no other Course but to limit the Population.Time to get serious,Optimist Fools.

rajesh k more

please look into the matter of Railway Routes between Kurla to Thane & Andheri to Virar due to lack of railway track. Everyday 70 lac people are travelling through this Route & they are facing same problem. Railway Authority also Railway minister are not taking any action. I hope you will look into the matter & Solving the problem of Your 70 lac people.

Prabhu Shankar

Dear All,
        I have some questions regarding the usage of Bio-Gas. Please provide me the answer for my queries,

1.Can we use Bio-Gas produced from cattle dung to run a car or 2 wheelers.
2.If we can means what are all the modifications we need to do in Car or 2wheeler .
3.Is there any purifiying process for bio-gas before using for any other applications.
4.How to upload the bio-gas into a compressed cylinder ( like LPG)

If possible let me know where could i get the entire information regarding Bio-gas.



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