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Toyota, Shell and JR Tokai Bus Launch World’s First Trial of GTL-Fueled Diesel Hybrid Bus

Hino Blue Ribbon City Hybrid

A group of partners in Japan have launched the first trial of a diesel-hybrid bus fueled with synthetic Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) diesel. The bus, which will operate for two months, will carry visitors to the 2005 World Exposition at Aichi, as well as commuters in Seto City and Kasugai City.

Shell International Gas will supply GTL Fuel from its 14,700-barrel-per-day plant in Bintulu, Malaysia, for the bus operated by JR Tokai Bus Company. Showa Shell Sekiyu KK and Toyota Tsusho Corporation are providing technical support in the world’s first supply of the clean fuel to the Hino hybrid bus.

The latest version of the Hino Blue Ribbon City Hybrid bus (which is also used as the base for the hydrogen fuel cell bus in operation at the Aichi Expo) reduces the size and weight of the hybrid unit and transfers the battery and inverter from the usual location under the floor to the roof.

The hybrid uses Hino’s parallel hybrid system, and has achieved compatibility with the New Long-Term Emission Regulations (2005). The engine is a newly-developed in-line 6-cylinder low-emission diesel engine with an electronically controlled high-pressure common rail injection system.

The hybrid system improves fuel consumption by an estimated 10%–20% and reduces CO2 emissions by 9%–17% over comparable diesel vehicles.

Hino Blue Ribbon City Hybrid
EngineEngineIn-line 6-cylinder
Displacement7,684 cc
Fuel systemHigh-pressure common rail
Supercharge methodVariable nozzle turbo with intercooler
Power177 kW / 240 hp
Torque834 Nm /615 lb-ft
Motor-generatorRated output41 kW
BatteryTypeSealed nickel-hydrogen
Capacity13 Ah

Shell GTL products consist mainly of clean GTL diesel fuel (gasoil) and naphtha. There is flexibility in the Shell process to vary the proportions of these products, depending on the intensity of the Fischer-Tropsch GTL cracking process and other operating conditions.

The GTL process. Shell has proprietary technology for each of the process blocks.

GTL fuel is colorless, odorless and cleaner than conventional petroleum-based diesel fuel. It is virtually free of sulphur and aromatics, and offers a high cetane number.

Shell is involved in a number of GTL trials around the world (including another one with Toyota), including several in the US, Japan, Germany, China and the UK.

Shell GTL Fuel Properties
PropertyASTM MethodShell GTLCurrent CARB Diesel
Density, g/mlD40520.78500.8308
Cloud Point, ºCD2500-3-18
Sulfur, ppmD54530.3222.9
Cetane NumberD6137653.7
Total Aromatics, mass%D51861.4 18.2
HFRR Lubricity, mmD60790.3950.360
LHV, BTU/lbD24018,85618,431


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