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UQM Technologies to Expand All-Electric Pickup Truck Project

UQM Technologies has received an additional $120,000 in funding to expand its work on an all-electric pickup truck project for the US Air Force.

The incremental funding, which brings the total value of the contract to $750,000, is to purchase and to evaluate a high-voltage battery charging system and to engineer the truck for the future installation of a fuel cell APU (auxiliary power unit) that would supplement the amount of power available onboard the vehicle.

The overall objective of the project is to evaluate the performance of an optimized all-electric pickup truck versus similar electric vehicles operating with older technologies.

Delivery of the vehicle is expected to occur in January 2006. The vehicle is being developed in cooperation with Robins Air Force Base and the Advanced Power Technology Office of the 542nd Combat Sustainment Wing.

The all-electric pickup truck will incorporate an efficient, low-electromagnetic interference (EMI) UQM electric propulsion system consisting of a 100-kW permanent magnet electric motor and a power electronic controller featuring digital signal processing (DSP) and controller area network (CAN) technology. (Earlier post)

A lithium-ion battery pack provides energy storage.

While hybrid vehicles continue to be our primary focus, we are excited about this opportunity to build an all-electric pickup truck that combines our highly efficient propulsion system with advanced high energy density batteries and charging system, which should dramatically improve the range capability of the vehicle without diminishing any of its performance characteristics.

The ever increasing cost of fuel and ability of these advanced technologies to overcome some of the limitations of previously developed battery powered vehicles, could potentially lead to a resurgence of interest in all-electric vehicles, particularly within niche markets of interest to the Company.

—William Rankin, UQM Technologies President and CEO



Will it come with a $600 coffee pot installed?

Harvey D

Good low EMI on-board coffee pots go for about $6,000 for special projects these days.

Adrian van Vliet

Hydrogen, VW TSI and Hybrids are, of course, very interesting new developments to lower fuel economy.
But, who is going to invent the highest density/lowest weight electric battery, i.e. KW/Cu In?
It seems to me that this may be the answer to all our efforts?
By the way, the first hydrogen powered car (a BMW) I have seen at the Linde Plant in Hoellriegelskreuth, Bavaria, Germany in 1989. Not much advanced it seems?

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