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Ballard Closes Second Fuel-Cell Fork Lift Deal

General Hydrogen’s Class 1 Fork Lift

Ballard Power Systems has closed a deal with General Hydrogen (Canada) for more than 100 Mark9 SSL fuel cell stacks, ranging in power output from 4.8 kW to 21.1 kW, for integration into General Hydrogen’s forklift power units. These Class 1 fuel cell forklifts are going into early commercial sale.

This is Ballard’s second contract recently for lift truck fuel cells.

In August, Ballard signed an agreement to provide 27 4.8-kW fuel cell stacks to Cellex Power for integration into its power units destined for trials in electric lift trucks. (Earlier post.)

Ballard expects to begin unit deliveries to General Hydrogen in the fourth quarter of 2005. The Supply Agreement runs through the fourth quarter of 2006. Following anticipated commercial sales in 2006, Ballard and General Hydrogen have the option to negotiate a follow-on supply agreement to support higher volumes in 2007 and beyond.

General Hydrogen was founded in 1999 by Geoffrey Ballard and Paul Howard, themselves founders of Ballard Power Systems, and Michael Routtenberg, founder of Xillix Technologies, a developer of cancer diagnostic imaging systems.


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