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DaimlerChrysler to Partner with NextEnergy on Biodiesel Research and Development

DaimlerChrysler will collaborate with Detroit-based NextEnergy and Biodiesel Industries on biodiesel development and technical innovation, as well as the development and refinement of industry standards for the rapidly-growing biodiesel industry.

Worldwide, DaimlerChrysler is putting increasing emphasis on renewable and synthetic fuels. The company has promoted use of biodiesel fuel in the US with the launch of the Jeep Liberty CRD diesel, the first mid-sized SUV with a diesel powertrain in the U.S. market. Every Jeep Liberty CRD leaving the factory in Toledo, Ohio, is fueled with B5 (5% biodiesel). (Earlier post.)

The Liberty CRD will register its highest monthly sales during September, with more than 1,200 units sold nationwide. Liberty CRD has already exceeded initial estimates for first-year sales, with more than 6,300 sold; more than 10,500 units have been built and shipped to dealers.

As part of its work with NextEnergy, DaimlerChrysler will commit currently unused land at a former SuperFund environmental site for use in producing soybeans, and perhaps other oil-bearing crops, for use in NextEnergy research programs.

The company is working cooperatively with the EPA in identifying and developing sites for use in producing crops for the NextEnergy research. The goal is to include the properties in EPA’s “Return to Use Program” designed to put currently under-utilized former SuperFund sites back into productive use.

NextEnergy, located in Detroit, is a non-profit organization created by the State of Michigan to advance the Alternative Energy Technology industry in Michigan. Biodiesel Industries, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, claims to have the largest network of biodiesel production facilities in the nation.



Hello, i am the president of an NGO in BANGALORE. we have through the government of karnataka have more than 5000 hectare for jatropha cultivation and production.

we will be keen to take up this project and do it successfully on a large scale but we need a long term partner.

we look forward to your reply and for your kind perusal.

Thank you

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