US Hybrid Sales Hit All-Time Monthly High in August
Cargill in $135-Million Clean Air Act Settlement Over Ethanol Production Saves the RAV4, Launches Plug In America announced victory today in its quest to prevent Toyota from crushing the remaining battery-electric RAV 4 SUVs. Existing RAV4 customers can lease or buy their vehicles.

Southern California Edison, with one of the larger EV fleets in the country, spoke at the press event, asserting its committment to maintaining its almost 180 RAV4 EVs indefinitely.

Spurred by its success with that campaign, as well as the campaigns to save the Ford Th!nk City EV and Ford Ranger EV from similar fates, also announced the launch of Plug In America, a new advocacy organization targeted at reviving plug-in electric vehicle production and promoting the development of plug-in hybrids.

We must encourage the commercialization of technologies that are compatible with existing infrastructure. What makes plug-in hybrids promising is that they are; we don’t need a Manhattan Project to make this happen.

—James Woolsey, former CIA Director and member of Plug In America


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