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Hybrid Technologies to Begin Production of Electric Smart Car (Update)

Hybrid Technologies, an electric car development company, is set to begin production of its all-electric version of the DaimlerChrysler Smart ForTwo coupe.

Initial production models for the European market will focus on government and fleet retrofitting. The British government is already working with Hybrid Technologies to introduce Hybrid Technologies’ lithium Mini Cooper into diplomatic service.

Hybrid Technologies has acquired an electric drivetrain developed over the last two years specifically for the Smart Car. The Smart Car will also use lithium-ion polymer batteries supplied by Korea’s EaglePicher Kokam.

Initial orders for lithium Smart Cars will be manufactured by Cinema Vehicles, the company that has already worked with Hybrid Technologies on its electric versions of the Crossfire (R Car), Mini Cooper and PT Cruiser.

Update: The lithium Smart Car will have a range of more than 120 miles per charge at highway speeds with a planned 30 kWh battery pack on board.

With a 3,000W charger, recharging will take approximately 10 hours at full discharge. An optional 5,000W charger will reduce that to 6 hours.

Hybrid Technologies is using an AC drive system.

Pricing is still to be determined.



Excelent! But what about price, range, top speed and recharge time?

Ron Fischer

From the website:

Speed: 5 speed gear box allowing speeds in excess of 90 mph
Range: Over 100 miles - adding more battery packs will more than double the range
Charge Time: 1-8 hours with either a 110-120 V or 220-240 V
Total Weight: There are approximately 350 lbs. of Lithium iCeLs; there are 35 packs at about 11 lbs. each
Power System: 146 volt - 30 kw
iCeL Cycle Life: 1000 + charges

Nothing about price, which is likely astronomical considering these are one-offs.


See update from project engineer above.


I think that the government should allow the production of battery powered cars.


Really want an electric Smartcar!!! Need to know lifespan of battery and cost to replace! Also cold weather affect on battery usage!

Chris Bender

Really want an electric Smartcar!!! Need to know lifespan of battery and cost to replace! Also cold weather affect on battery usage!


I drove a diesel smart car yesterday -you couldn't pry the smile off my face after dodging it around in the city and wizzing along at 80 mph on the hiway . I am not laughing at these anymore....oh and less than half a gallon of fuel used!


i drove a smart car a nd i love it. Its so small and easy to drive. I feel safe at same time and stylish. Also u dont need to be afraid of not seeing back of car and blind spots

SmartCar Fortwo and forfour


I can't wait for these lil devils. Electric or diesel will be just fine with me. I have always loved small vehicles. My past included a "bugeye" Sprite, MG Midget, MG, MGBGT & a Fiat 124.

This will not be a sports car but will be much easier to get into & out of now that I'm "more mature".

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