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Mitsubishi to Display Lancer Evolution EV at Tokyo Motor Show

The Lancer Evolution MIEV

Among the production and concept cars Mitsubishi will display at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show (22 Oct to 6 Nov) will be the new Lancer Evolution Mitsubishi In-wheel Electric Vehicle (MIEV). (Earlier post.)

The Lancer is the most recent electric test vehicle (following the Colt EV announced in May) and is the only one Mitsubishi will have in its stand at the show.

The Lancer Evolution MIEV uses lithium-ion batteries to provide the energy store for the four 50-kW in-wheel motors, manufactured by Toyo Denki Seizo K.K. The new in-wheel motor design uses a hollow doughnut construction that locates the rotor outside the stator as opposed to a common electric motor where the rotor turns inside the stator.

Each motor delivers 518 Nm torque. The Lancer Evolution MIEV accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 8 seconds and has a maximum speed of 180 km/h (112 mph).

Mitsubishi will also display its concept i minicar, featuring the new 3-cylinder 660cc MIVEC engine. (Earlier post).



interesting combination. And now we have no engine under the hood, perhaps no need for transmission system. This would cut some serious weight away from the car body. We can put lithium-ion battery under the hood, or anywhere of the car for better weight distribution.

Of course, the next question is: how far can it go, how much it will cost, how practical it is?


If the answer to these questions is reasonable. I would buy one. Since production costs are very low, I would expect it to sell for around $10,000.


I don't know why you assume that production costs will be low. At today's prices those motors cost like $25K each. That's $100K just for the motors. Probably another $30K for the batteries, plus the other components and you're looking at like $150K to build this car.


We still can include the mass production factor in the future, which should cut the cost of the motors significantly. Or instead of 4wheel drive we can just do rwd or fwd, that could cut out 1/2 of the motors. We dont really need 2000 Nm of torque anyway, plus this could increase the range or perhaps battery cost.

Btw, whats so special about the doughnut construction anyway.

Mike Weindl

2000 Nm torque? Can this Numbers be true? The Bugatti Veyron with it's 1001 HP and over 400 km/h has only 1250 Nm...


"The Lancer Evolution MIEV uses lithium-ion batteries to provide the energy store for the four 50-kW in-wheel motors"

"Each motor delivers 518 Nm torque."

well? Simple maths here.. 518 Nm x 4 = ? Nm


518 Nm per motor is indeed what Mitsubishi is claiming.


I'm not the least surprised by this total torque. After all, this is the system I have been promoting for years.

Production versions of these external rotor motors should cost about $250 each. That's why I say $19,000 should be a fair price for this car. After all, it doesn't have an engine, transmission and all the other expensive stuff that makes a conventional car go.



Jesse Jenkins

What's the operating range? Anyone have any idea?


Torque is what electric motor good at, plus you get max torque at 0 rpm. it surely burn tires if you go full swing from start.

more info from:


perhaps anyone could estimate its range from its output and battery system?


top speed of 180 km/h (112 mph) and a cruising range of 250 km (155 miles)

I'll buy one, or the Colt with just 2 of the motors.


Hmmm, wonder what will happen if one of this get caught in a middle of a flood... They are still testing its durability under vary condition: dirt, mud, rain, etc.


Respected sir/Madam,
I much more surprised to see the lancer car.But I have an doubt that for this car there is no need of fuel,it can move with the help of electric motor,please send the full details about that car as soon as possible.
D.Roopa.Msc(SOftware Engineering).


PLease remember that torque at the wheel is not torque at the engine, the are reduction gears in the middle!


Actually in the Lancer they used in-wheel motors without any reduction gears, this being one of the advancements over the earlier announcement of the Colt EV that had reduction gears between the in-wheel motor and the wheel. The reason no gearing is possible is the fact that these motors produce so much torque that would otherwise need to be obtained by multiplying up the motor's speed into torque by reduction gears.


erm,. 200 Nm and 200Kw and 0rpm start = 0-100 in 8 seconds.
I think not. If those values were legit, with racing tires the thing would hit 100 in about 2-3 seconds unless it weighs in excess of 5000kg


I agree! Any 4WD car with 200kw AND 2000Nm would make any petrol car I can think of look agricultural. 0 - 100 in less than 2 seconds I estimate. Not forgetting electic motors have almost linear torque from 0 rpm to max, none of this rev it to 3000 rpm to get max torque and row through the gears, this Evo could certainly set new standards for performance cars.

Even with 4WD, there will still have to be traction control, and this is obviously an early stage of development as they still have friction brakes and there seems no mention of using the in-wheel motors as brakes.

I think you can forget about conventinal car pricing as these things eliminate the most expensive parts to manufacture in a car, namely the entire engine and transmission. No gearbox, no diff, no mechanical transmission at all. Incredible!!! and to top it off it'll cost $2 per 100kms to run, compare that to your gas guzzler! Bring it on, I want one Now!!

Robert Kurtzbach

When will these cars be sold in the United States and by whom ?

jack marchand

July 18 2007
Way back when I was a kid up in Canadair (now a division of Bombardier Corp.) I worked in the machine shop on a huge lathe. To stop it I'd throw it in reverse and it stopped in a second. If I didn't stop it then it would be full speed in reverse in another second. In an EV all that is needed is one pedal that pivots under the arch of your foot ,when you push forward with your toes off you go...to stop just push with your heel and you'll stop on a dime push longer and you'll be moving in reverse. What this all means you don't need any braking. I.E. -- no calipers, no disks. just four in-wheel motors. The simplicity of the EV with loaned swap batteries mentioned above in my previous blog web page Where GE Co. charges you 4 cents a mile http://trillions.topcities.com/electriCar --- should make the car available for only five grands.
Jack Marchand - Email - [email protected]

jack marchand

in the posted info above I suggeted this address (error)
- http://trillions.topcities.com/electriCar -- instead
- http://trillions.topcities.com/electriCar.html ---

Also try these addresses for new access to more data

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