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Monroe County (New York) Executive Maggie Brooks announced that several County departments will reduce their fuel consumption by 10%–15% by modifying policies and procedures, not through the acquisition of new technology. The Departments include the biggest users of fleet vehicles: Environmental Services, Transportation, Parks, and the Greater Rochester (NY) International Airport.

Brooks also announced that the County recently began using a B20 biodiesel blend for some of its fleet. It has also acquired six Ford Escape hybrids that are being used by the Department of Environmental Services.

Monroe County operates and maintains more than 850 vehicles, in addition to more than 250 Sheriff’s vehicles. The amount of unleaded gasoline Monroe County purchases each year is about 410,000 gallons. The amount of diesel fuel is about 216,000 gallons.

In addition to the six hybrid vehicles at the County, the Parks Department currently uses 13 electric carts in Monroe County parks that replace gasoline-fueled vehicles. The Sheriff’s Department has two electric cars stationed at the Airport.

The Departments of Environmental Services, Transportation, Parks, and the Greater Rochester International Airport each expect to reduce their fuel consumption by 10%–15% through the following steps:

  • Assigning multiple work crews to one vehicle

  • Eliminating idling of engines

  • Reducing inspection of DES facilities to once a week, for example, sewer pump stations

  • Operating Airport fire equipment only on emergency or required drills and inspections

  • Staging equipment on the job site until the project is complete, instead of transporting vehicles each day, where possible

  • Prioritizing work projects to minimize fuel consumption and maximize staff

The County’s computerized traffic signal system, which is used to manage countywide traffic flow, has a significant impact on the fuel consumption of motorists traveling within Monroe County. 435 of the 614 traffic signals in the County are on the computerized system, which helps reduce delay to commuters, thereby helping to reduce fuel consumption.


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