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Purchases of Low-Emissions Cars in Japan Rose 4.7% in 2004

Nikkei. Shipments low-emissions vehicles in Japan rose 4.7% in 2004 to 4.2 million units, according to a report by the Japan Manufacturers Association (JAMA) released Wednesday.

The bulk of those purchases were of low-emissions gasoline-powered cars. Shipments of hybrid cars jumped 56.8% to 66,540 (2% of the “green” total).

However, CNG-powered vehicles, which consist mostly of trucks and other commercial vehicles, saw shipments drop 15.2% to 3,265 units. And shipments of vehicles powered by liquefied petroleum gas, a diesel alternative, dipped 3.8% to 3,121 units.

The miniscule shipments of fuel cell vehicles and electric cars also declined by 71.4% to 4 and 65.3% to 17, respectively.


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