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UQM Technologies Hybrid Drive in US Army Heavy Truck Prototype

UQM Technologies is providing the hybrid electric propulsion system for use in a prototype US Army heavy truck being developed by Stewart & Stevenson Tactical Vehicle Systems.

The Stewart & Stevenson contract, which is part of the Army’s Future Tactical Truck System (FTTS) effort, extends the current National Automotive Center’s Maneuver Sustainment Vehicle (MSV) modeling and simulation program to prototype stage.

We have incorporated a number of recent technology advancements into our proprietary permanent magnet motor and controller systems that have further improved their performance, power density and efficiency, as well as their reliability, durability and cost. The advantages of our systems are being recognized in a number of military vehicle applications, which we believe represents an important and growing market for the Company.

—William Rankin, President and CEO, UQM Technologies

In August, UQM was awarded a contract by UT-Battelle, LLC, which operates the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), to develop an advanced traction motor for the Department of Energy’s FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program.

The $293,000 Phase I development effort of that award will be conducted over a nine month period with the DOE providing funding of $146,500, or 50%. The development effort will be focused on permanent magnet traction motors that are high performing and highly energy efficient using new and novel materials and configurations to reduce manufacturing costs.

(A hat-tip to Joe Adiletta!)


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