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Biodiesel Adoption Roundup

More school systems and universities are turning to the use of biodiesel in their fleets, driven by a combination of cost-savings and environmental goals.

Denver Public Schools has decided to run its entire fleet of 400 school buses on a B20 blend. The B20 will be supplied by Fort Collins, Colorado-based Blue Sun Biodiesel. (Rocky Mountain News)

Nevada’s Clark County started using B20 after lawmakers in that state required the phased-in purchase of alternative-powered vehicles. The school system, which includes Las Vegas, uses about 3 million gallons a year. (Seattle Times)

After successful completion of a pilot program this summer, the University of Virginia Transit System (UTS) will begin using a new B20 biodiesel fuel starting Oct. 18. UTS consumes some 125,000 gallons of fuel per year. (Cavalier)

Gaston County, North Carolina schools will begin recycling lunchroom grease to produce biodiesel for use in the school fleet. (WCNC)

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