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Enova Systems announced that several of its existing customers in Asia and Europe have placed new production orders for hybrid drive systems and fuel cell drive system components. Furthermore, several of its customers have announced the commissioning of heavy-duty vehicles utilizing Enova’s HybridPower drive systems into commercial service.

First Auto Works (FAW), China’s largest vehicle manufacturer, has ordered five additional 90-kW HybridPower Parallel Hybrid drive systems for their buses scheduled to be part of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Previously, FAW purchased three drive systems as part of their evaluation phase which is now continuing with Enova’s drive system. FAW may manufacture up to 1,000 of these hybrid buses prior to the Olympics. (Earlier post.)

Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) of South Korea ordered seven additional 80-kW motors and motor controllers for their fuel cell powered Tucson automobile in third quarter of 2005. HMC intends to order a total of forty-two of these propulsion systems as part of their fleet of fuel cell vehicles being produced in response to the US DOE’s Controlled Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure Demonstration and Validation Project.

Hyundai has been partnering with Enova Systems (formerly US Electricar) for years on the research and development of all electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell drive systems. Hyundai Motors and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) took equity stakes in Enova, and in 2003 the companies opened the joint Hyundai Enova Innovative Technology Center.

In the United Kingdom, Enova has begun delivery of sixteen additional 120-kW Series Hybrid drive systems to its customer, Eneco, for integration into its buses for service throughout London and its suburbs. This is the fifth order of hybrid drive systems from Eneco for a total of 25 in commercial operation currently or by year-end 2005 throughout the UK.

WrightBus of the UK has announced that it will be introducing its hybrid-electric Electrocity bus to London Central later this year. WrightBus is integrating the Electrocity with Enova’s 120-kW Series Hybrid drive systems powered by Enova’s 60-kW Genset.

Also in Asia, Tomoe and MTrans, both customers for several years, are commissioning vehicles which make use of Enova’s drive systems. Tomoe, utilizing Enova’s 100-kW post-transmission motor and motor controller, commissioned its new, hybrid service train for the Seoul Metro Rapid Transit, a first for Tomoe in this market.

MTrans Holdings, the parent company of monorail operator, KL Infrastructure Group, announced that it will roll out Malaysia’s first hybrid-electric bus for urban transport to Hong Kong’s Ocean Park in late 2005. MTrans has stated that the same technology will also be incorporated into MTrans’ new hybrid-electric monorail trains now under development.


Harvey D

It is strange to see that a very small USA company like Enova(less than $5 millions/year)can supply very efficient hybrid power trains to/with a multitude of partners such as:(Hyundai + WrightBus + MTrain + Ecostar + Tomoe Engineering + First Auto China etc) for class 5 to 8 trucks + buses and that our local Big Two 'GM + Ford' + other local Truck and Bus manufacturers don't seem to take avantage of this opportunity.

Will our high volume local Truck and Bus manufacturers adapt quickly enough or follow the same road as their huge SUVs?

A 30% to 50% reduction in fuel consumption and pollution should be more than suffcient for GM, Ford, Freightliner, International, etc to run to ENOVA to buy their power train or become partner.

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