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New Doblò Cargo

Fiat will introduce its New Doblò Cargo light commercial vehicle at the upcoming European Road Transport Show in Amsterdam.

The successor to the popular Doblò (more than 300,000 units sold since launch in 2001), the new model is launching with four Euro-4 engines: two turbodiesels, one gasoline and one natural gas.

On the diesel side, the New Doblò will use the 105-hp (78-kW) 1.9 Multijet and the 75-hp (56 kW) 1.3 16v Multijet, the smallest and most advanced of the second-generation Common Rail direct injection diesel engines.

The new gasoline engine is the 77-hp (57- kW)1.4 Fire 8 equipped with a new high-swirl combustion chamber associated with continuous variable valve timing.

The New Doblò will also offer the 1.6 Natural Power dual-fuel (gasoline and natural gas) engine. Fiat locates the CNG tanks beneath the floor, maintaining the cargo load compartment.

After the launch, these versions will be joined by another two new Multijet engines with a variable geometry turbocharger: the 85-hp (63-kW) 1.3 16v Multijet and the 120-hp (90-kW) 1.9 8v Multijet. Both will be equipped with a self-regenerating particulate filter (DPF).

Fiat’s Natural Power dual-fuel systems, which it applies across a range of vehicles, run normally on natural gas, though the engine always starts up on gasoline before transferring immediately and automatically to methane.

The gasoline system also serves as a back-up should the methane run out. Drivers can manually switch to gasoline at any time.

The Natural Power 1.6 develops 92 hp (69 kW) and 130 Nm of torque in methane mode but 103 hp (77 kW) and 145 Nm when running on gasoline. Three cylinders store of 111 liters (18 kg) of gas at 200 bar for a range of 300 kilometers (186 miles) plus an additional range of 350 kilometers (218 miles) when running on gasoline from the 30-liter tank.

The New Doblò Cargo Natural Power consumes 6.3 kg/100 kilometers of natural gas, equivalent to 9.3 liters gasoline equivalent/100km (25 mpg US).



We need someone to import these to the US
Our domestic Manufacturers haven't been able to develop an affordable CNG vehicle for the american public.
CNG is by far the cleanest fuel until/if we can get hydrogen going.
How are we going to ever develop a hydrogen infrastructure without building an effective CNG system first.
CNG is easily converted to Hydrogen.
I know the FuelMaker Home refueling appliances, such as
Phill are planned to be used for hydrogen in the future.
Honda is the only manufacturer really still producing a CNG model in there GX.


Fiat's natural power duel-fuel system is just amazing!..

Bobby Rainey

I work in the Natural Gas Industry and would Love to switch to a duel fuel vehichle. They're just aren't many out there. also, there need to be more filling staions. There are some and it's getting better. I know these cars are cleaner burning. I checked into a conversion for my pick-up and it can be anywhere from $8000 to $10,000. Hopefully that will come done.


I agree with you bobby, I would love to run a dual fuel setup in my car but the price is really off putting. I have one question can remanufactured engines be used to improve the gas mileage of your car?

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