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FlexCar Doubles San Diego Fleet with Civic Hybrids

The San Diego office of FlexCar has doubled its fleet to more than 20 with the addition of a set of new Honda Civic hybrids.

Flexcar’s innovative program provides its members with on-demand access to a fleet of low emission vehicles, including hybrids, pickup trucks and minivans located throughout seven major metro areas, including San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

The higher gas prices get and the longer people sit in traffic, the more our phones ring and our membership rolls swell. We’re adding more cars to not only meet the increased demand from our existing members, but also ensure enough availability for the increasing numbers of new members.

—William del Valle, general manager Flexcar San Diego

The San Diego office is also offering a new member incentive: FlexCar will credit back the application fee plus the first year’s annual membership fee for those who join and drive before December 31st.

Revolution, the investment company run by Steve Case, co-founder of AOL, has purchased the controlling interest in FlexCar, and is supporting more rapid expansion of the company to other markets, as well as the increase in fleet size.


Mikhail Capone

I wonder if they got 2006 Civic hybrids or 2005. Main difference is emissions (ULEV vs. SULEV/AT-PZEV).

btw, your "doubled" link doesn't work. It just links back here.


The 2006 HCH has not arrived quite yet, so if they already took delivery they are the 2005 MY.


Link fixed, thanks!

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