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Ford Gets Active About Promoting Fuel-Efficient Driving Techniques

Ford Motor is backing up its recently announced ECOdriving educational campaign (earlier post) with some marketing action.

This weekend, Ford is holding its first “Ford Escape Hybrid Fuel Economy Experience”: a weekend clinic, which nearly 300 Ford hybrid owners from 24 states and Quebec and Ontario are attending, designed to teach consumers how to improve vehicle fuel economy and learn about new hybrid technology.

At the clinic, participants receive advice on how to drive their hybrid for maximum fuel economy. They also receive a vehicle inspection by a technician and participate in an informal discussion with Ford’s hybrid experts. Owners then put their knowledge to the test in a fuel economy driving challenge.

Research indicates that two out of every five consumers are unfamiliar with hybrid technology and its benefits. This clinic ensures that our customers not only have the most current information about their hybrid, but understand how to benefit most from it.

—Mary Ann Wright, director of Ford’s Sustainable Mobility Technologies and Hybrid Programs

Separately, Ford will kick off a 10-city tour—the Ford Hybrid Patrol—in partnership with local police departments to challenge consumers to drive more efficiently.

Local police officers—who often have high fuel-consumption rates—will patrol the streets in new Mercury Mariner Hybrids. Joined by Ford’s hybrid and fuel economy experts, their mission is to find local drivers “in the act” of demonstrating fuel-saving driving practices with their vehicles, including hybrids. The patrol will issue “citations”: pre-paid $25 gasoline cards from BP.

As part of the tour, Ford will host a fuel-economy clinic for the police officials in each community and include a best-mileage competition among officers. The most fuel efficient officer from across the country will be awarded a Mercury Mariner Hybrid for his or her department. Ford also is donating $2,500 to each local Police Athletic League.

Communities included in the Ford Hybrid Patrol effort include: Cleveland (Oct. 18); Chicago (Oct. 20); Washington, D.C. (Oct. 24); Boston (Oct. 27); New York (Nov. 1); Dallas (Nov. 10); Phoenix (Nov. 15); Los Angeles (Nov. 17); San Francisco (Nov. 22) and Miami (Dec. 1).


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