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Latest Version of 8-Wheeled Eliica at Tokyo Show

The public road test Eliica. Click to enlarge.

The Keio University team behind the eight-wheeled electric Eliica (earlier post) has introduced the latest version of the speedster at the Tokyo Motor Show—a public road test car with a bit more of a roomy-sedan feel than the earlier record-setter.

The Eliica uses a lithium-ion battery pack (328V, 55kWh) and eight 60-kW in-wheel motors that generate 100 Nm of torque each to achieve a maximum vehicle speed of 370 km/h (230 mph) with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds.

The motor, reduction gear, wheel bearing, and braking system are integrated in a single unit, and the suspension arm adapter is attached to the outer motor casing. Because all the wheels are driven, spin is minimized and the vehicle can be easily controlled, even under difficult road conditions.

The Eliica—short for Electric Lithium-Ion battery Car—was created by Hiroshi Shimizu and the Keio University Electric Vehicle Laboratory in Tokyo.

The Eliica project is an industry-university cooperative project involving 35 companies and the research staff and students of Keio University.



little shop

I like many parts of the idea, especially the size of the battery pack and the in wheel motor concept but UNSPRUNG weight in a car is a bad thing. Eight in wheel motors creates alot of unsprung weight. It wont show up in the specs of the car but it should handle and ride like crap.


This is just a proof of technology vehicle. It only has a couple of inches of ground clearance, so it's only run on test tracks. The eight wheels is for, "lower to the ground" and more traction.

We will never ee anything like this on the road, but I sure hope we will see improved battery technology and out-runner wheel drive. The efficiency more than makes up for unsprung weight.


What makes you assume this vehicle is "efficient"? There are no efficiency of gasline equivilance figures for it.

Just being electric powered doesn't make a fehivle inherantly efficient.


I watched a fairly long TV report o the science channel last night on it.

Name me a battery more efficent than a Lithium Ion. Name me an electric motor more efficent than a brushless external rotor motor. Add up it's total thrust. It would take a 2,000 hp ICE to do that.

This is a sort of "proof of concept" experimental vehical. There are no plans to build another.

A lot of good could come from the stuff installed on it.


As expensive as this vehicle is, it still only cost 1/5th of what the typical small fuel cell vehicle costs to build and this is a supercar. Seems to me that battery electric vehicles have more potential as high efficiency consumer grade products in the near to mid-term than fuel cell electric vehicles. It's a real shame that the BEVs the PNGV program got going have been abandoned for even more expensive FCEVs that won't be available to the consumer for many more years. Thank goodness Mitsubishi isn't following that path.


We will have nuclear fission before someone figures out how to power a passenger car with a fuel cell.


I'm skeptical of in-wheel electric motors. They lack shock absorption. They are exposed to weather extremes, water, grime. These considerations are likely to make them maintenance-prone or short-lived. Better that the electric motor be mounted on the vehicle frame.

GM's fuel cell prototypes based on the skateboard chassis, the AUTOnomy types, are incredible LEMONS - and GM KNOWS they're LEMONS.

I am more afraid of fusion than fission. Please don't try to convince me otherwise. Neither these nuclear mad sciences will survive the 21st Century.


Can anyone provide a link or reference to the fact that current prototype fuel cell vehicles cost hundreds of thousands or even a million dollars? I'd like to be able to point to that to remind people how far from commercialization the technology is, when we're always reading about new small scale test fleets of fuel cell powered cars.

Jesse Jenkins

Why does the car have 8 wheels?


So it will have eight driving wheels on the road and to lower it.

Nobody has any idea what fuel cell vehicles will ultimately cost. With no infrastructure in place for refueling, a million dollars seems cheap to me.

Best we all go *ONLY* to BioDiesel. The infrastructure exists today. I will never buy another car that isn't a Diesel and plan to grow and make my own fuel. Would prefer and all wheel drive with a turbocharged two-cycle Diesel hybrid.


Electric motor can deliver its maximum torque instantly from 0 rpm. The problem with chassis mounted electric motors is they have the bad habit of snapping drive shafts to the wheels. Wheel mounted motors solve this. The real advantage of the in wheel motor is when it can act as a brake and a wheel. In essence, mounting the tire directly on the motor and eliminating the brake rotor, caliper and pads. They are not there yet, but I'm sure they are working on it.


Jesse: I think its because that they are trying to fit more torque onto the car and they want in-wheel motors. Also this is a test of concept of 8-wheel-deive.

So they end up wiht a 800nm torque and 480 kW super car.

I am pretty interested if they fit 2 in-wheel motor unit at the rear wheels in an ordinary car. Should be more feasible and i am pretty happy with a 120 kW and 200nm car. And it looks less alien too :)

Mark a

Eight driven wheels to spread out the torque load. Otherwise, the (2?) driven wheels would smoke their rubber off their rims, in addition to the danger of snapping drive shafts. More driven wheels is the same principal on our current diesel/electric trains.

And yes, if electric motors can be fit inside of hubs as the most direct drive, brakes, and their associated dust/maintenance problems could be a thing of the past. Yes it needs developing, but its great to see there are people thinking "outside the box".

I am very excited about the changes of personal transport, in the short term future.


A few things to point out.

1. Even prototype ICE vehicles cost several hundred thousand to a million dollars. Doesn't reflect whatsoever on "how far from commercialization the technology is." The costs in prototyping are mainly in the fact that they are all HAND BUILT, often using equally singularly built components. If a modern factory were outfitted to manufacture these vehicles, economies of scale would reduce their cost to a level comparable to most other production cars.

2. Performance statistics put the Eliica within spitting distance of the Maclaren F1... which currently retails for around $1 million (USD). The F1 is a PRODUCTION vehicle, not a prototype.. as costs vs performance goes, this prototype is incredible.

3. Viable hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could be manufactured and sold en-masse right now. The technology is available. There has been a functioning prototype running around Sweden for several years now. The reason you don't see them being manufactured by the Majors is NOT because of lack of technological capability. It is simply that because of a lack of a refueling network, the major automakers don't want to invest the billions needed to re-tool their assembly plants to shift technologies. They'd take huge losses for many years from the initial expense alone simply due to the detriment that fuel inconvenience would have on prospective purchasers.

4. Lastly, make no mistake about it.. the economic infrastructure of a good portion of the "civilized" world is anchored in the petrochemical industry. Any *serious* shift away from the ICE, at least in anything other than a seriously curtailed trickle, would cause MASSIVE economic destabilization. You won't hear about it, naturally, because the powers that be don't want to admit how fragile their "house of cards" economy is.. but it is truth nonetheless. Eventually we will move to this technology, but it won't occur until those in power are sufficiently positioned to reap the maximum amount of profit from it, regardless of the hardship such delay will impose upon the rest of us or the environment.


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hiiiiii ..its rocking..electric car..d ELIICA..

will you answer 2 of my queries....
can u plz tell me does d car shats r driven as well as controlled...i do mean that how does d controller of the system works wen d acceletor is pressed...
as much i knw dere is some potentiometer kindaa thing over dere bt will u plzz eloberate it???

also will u plz tell how do we maintain d cooling mechanism in dis new for d long drives we do hav d prblems even in our classical is it has been made efficient here in d ELIICA...?

plz reply fast...


Whatever you say the Eliica represents the future of automotive technology and if I win the lotto it will be the first car I buy.Not to mention its cheaper than a Maybach.

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